Can someone please explain what “cloud computing” is in laymen’s terms?

Question by natobanato2: Can someone please explain what “cloud computing” is in laymen’s terms?
I am not a tech nut. I know enough about it but I’m not obsessed and engrossed in all of it. Anyway, I was reading the top ten Tech stories from the the 2000’s and it talked about cloud computing. I looked it up on Wikipedia but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense. Can someone please explain it to me?

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Answer by MaskedMusketeer
Cloud computing is the trend nowadays where applications are hosted online and run by servers, instead of having your computer run them locally.

This means that wherever you go, regardless of what platform or device you are using, you can access the application remotely and run it as you would with a normal program.
So perhaps you might own a iPhone or a smartphone with Google Apps capabilities — you can access Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Reader etc. all of which are applications hosted on Google servers — they don’t run on your device.

The prime advantages of cloud computing is that your data is always “in sync” — because your data is kept in the clouds (on the net) as opposed to just being on your device, wherever you go you always have access to the same information.

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what does a “computer information systems” do and how much do they get paid?

Question by Edwin M: what does a “computer information systems” do and how much do they get paid?

is there a lot of math involved like in being a computer engineer?

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Answer by Tomasthanes
That’s the difference between “computer science” and “computer information systems”.

In “computer science” you take calculus and discrete structures so that if someone asks you whether that sort algorithm is the correct one, you can show them the mathematical proof that it is.

In “computer information systems”, you take business math so that if someone asks you whether the sort algorithm is the correct one, you shrug your shoulders and tell them that the software they need is within their departmental budget.

Most “computer science” people either end up in hardware or software development. Most “computer information systems” people end up in the data center actually running the computers. That’s where I work. The company I work for pays me a very, fair salary.

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