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Mobile technology? what is it?

Question by Paaji!: Mobile technology? what is it?
Hi i am researching on the Topic “Mobile technology”. I need some info on what is it and what are its uses and how has it improved and eased our lives

Any info/photos/links will be greatly appreciated



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Answer by quila
Mobile technology is any device that runs on battery power and contains electronic components.

Examples of Mobile Technology: laptops, cell phones, PDA’s, GPS units, MP3 players.

It has increased our ability to communicate, to navigate, to do business at a faster pace. It allows me to talk to my mom in a different city while I’m taking the bus home from University.

In countries where it’s hard to put in telephone poles, mobile technology has allowed communities to get on the internet and get in touch with the rest of the world.

It allows mothers with small children peace of mind when leaving their babies at daycare, knowing that they can be reached if there’s an emergency.

GPS allows people to navigate through unfamiliar locations with ease.

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i couldnt understand what is software testing and how do people fix bugs in real time??

Question by shiva4you_2005 k: i couldnt understand what is software testing and how do people fix bugs in real time??
is there any good website to teach me about software testing because am a beginer or is therre any good book in the market for both manual and automated testing

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Answer by aboo
ask d students studying in anna univ.. especially final yr cse studs

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what is the different between “Information Science and Technology” & “Information Systems” ???

Question by wawa3_tyt: what is the different between “Information Science and Technology” & “Information Systems” ???
what is the different between “Information Science & Technology” and “Information Systems”?

Can i get futher explanation about these 2? (what kind of job can i get? which one can get a better job?…)

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Answer by wheezer_april_4th_1966
Just a guess – there’s probably a lot of overlap between the two. However, as suggested by their names, my first impression of “IS&T” is that you’re learning how to build it, where “IS” is more about how to use what’s built.

I may be and probably am wrong (or possibly being too general).

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