A Green Thumb on the Touch Screen

A Green Thumb on the Touch Screen
This is a trick that has worked wonders, thanks to some helpful apps. IntoGardens, free on iPad and Android (simply called Gardens on Android), is one of my favorites. It's like an interactive magazine for digital devices. The main part is a selection …
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Design iOS & Android Games w/1 Year of Training From School Of Interactive
Advanced Photoshop Techniques – Learn more advanced tips and tricks to help build of your fundamental photoshop training. Advanced 3D Animation Techniques – Learn in-depth animation techniques that take your Maya experience to the next level.
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HUFFPOST HILL – Did You Know That Scott Brown Drives A Truck? He Totally
Send tips/stories/photos/events/fundraisers/job movement/juicy miscellanea to huffposthill@huffingtonpost.com. Follow us on Twitter – @ … FamousDC finds out what happens when you aggressively photoshop politicians. Light-skinned John Boehner is …
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Q&A: Android, Allow mock locations?

Question by Marvin: Android, Allow mock locations?
In my Droid settings, under “Development” (app development), there is a box I can either check or uncheck and next to the box is “allow mock locations”… would someone please explain in short what this option is for or what it does and how I may benefit from using it?

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Answer by R T
Many Android apps use the phone’s location. If you are writing (developing) your own app and testing it, you likely would like to try different locations to test that your app works as expected. This option allows you to feed your apps different location information without actually traveling to that location.

If you don’t test apps, then it’s not really all that useful to you.

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Microchip Technology acquiring ISSC Technologies to expand its Bluetooth and

Microchip Technology acquiring ISSC Technologies to expand its Bluetooth and
Microchip Technology Inc. announced today it is acquiring ISSC Technologies Corp., a Taiwanese low-power Bluetooth and advanced wireless solutions provider, for $ 328.5 million. It's the first major overseas acquisition by the Chandler-based Microchip, …
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A fast-evolving technology helps AT&T in DirecTV deal
Essentially, the technology allows customers to get home phone and broadband data service through a wireless connection to the nearest cell tower instead of through a wire connected to the house. Antennas on homes will allow higher transmission speeds.
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Wireless Charging, at a Distance
The company expects the first products using its technology—such as smartphone cases that can deliver wireless power to the devices—to be shown off by partner companies at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next January and go …
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NFL, NBA, and MLB players usually don't reach the end of their pre-professional development cycle until the ripe old age of 20-21. Compare that to soccer where that cycle can end at 15-18. Our culture just isn't attuned to churning out 16-year-old …
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The Thai coup and the risk of democracy fatigue
Still others warned that the coup may have ended the protests and the life of this government, but would not address the roots of the conflict that hark back to 2001, when businessman Thaksin Shinawatra first became prime minister and built up a strong …
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