Is “staff development” like open house for school ?

Question by Megan: Is “staff development” like open house for school ?
I’m trying to find out when open house is and I went on the school website and all it says is “August 14 is staff development ” . Does that mean its open house ?

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Answer by Dramafever Fan
Staff development is exactly what it says. It is for staff members only.

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Orem economic development gets boost from website

Orem economic development gets boost from website
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Will “The Solomon Key” provide real insight into Masonic symbolism, or just tell us what they want us to think

Question by PAUL: Will “The Solomon Key” provide real insight into Masonic symbolism, or just tell us what they want us to think
If the Freemasons are a branch of the world’s ruling elite and they have a “master plan,” whether it is in the best interest of everyone else or not, wouldn’t they prefer to remain as a secret society?

Say that this organization was tied to the most powerful organization in the world; imagine a system similar to that in the book 1984 where only the news and information that they choose is that which is released, and everything else is destroyed or altered.

“History is written by the winners,” it is said, which is interchangeable with “History is written by those who hold the most power.”

Enter Dan Brown, who claims to be someone who will provide us with the answers these questions that people are beginning to ask about Freemasons, Illuminati, and Skull and Bones.

If the nature of these organizations is indeed a secret and it is in their best interest to keep it that way, then they wouldn’t want someone revealing their secrets, would they?
You would think that such a group has power that is at LEAST equal to that of an organized crime gang like the Mafia, so they wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone, especially if they are above the law.

So then who is Dan Brown? Merely an agent of these organizations, sent to give us an idea of what we SHOULD THINK about these symbols and organizations?

If he was really telling us the truth, wouldn’t his life be in danger?

This question is posted to Mythology and Folklore because it deals with something that many would regard as “Conspiracy Theory.” But I think it is far more ignorant and dangerous to believe that everything we’re told is the truth.
god of thunder, I was about to post a disclaimer asking people to refrain from answering if they felt this was nothing more than inane conspiracy theorist drivel, but I had hoped that people would use their better judgment and it appears you have not.

Okay, so if you’re a Freemason then what degree are you? I hardly doubt you’re deep enough in it to know what the hell I’m talking about.
Then what rank/level/degree are you?

You haven’t even backed up your argument as to why my question is stupid. You only called it stupid and said you were a mason. That’s hardly credible enough to be a legitimate argument.

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Answer by god of thunder
Well I have absolutely no hopeof you believing this, but everything you just wrote is garbage. none of it’s true. I’m a Freemason, so i ought to know. but like i said, you get a kick out of having your little conspiracy theories, so go ahead and believe what you want. haha you are probably wondering if the msons knew you were going to post this question, and that’s why i answered so fast. ridiculous

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Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!

Question by baserunner316: Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!
this is right from the news which you can check in yahoo. Is this REALLY what you want to lead america????????? When we allow big business to provide million dollar parachutes to screw up ceos why can’t health care be paid for with the profits of BIG BUSINESS? Trust funds?? Stock dividends??? Can any of you still buy that ” im a friend of the middle and lower class” crap of hers? Who do you think this plan is going to hurt? the same people it’s supposed to help!!! this is taxation without representation all over again! WAKE UP AMERICA!!
politician get their health care FREE! PLUS She and Bill are both MILLIONAIRES!! HOW does she get off deciding who can pay for what?? This is NOT going to help the middle and low classes!

Best answer:

Answer by The First Dragon
Hmmm, you’ve got a good point there……. I think.
Garnishing wages seems a poor method for routine health care….
If people don’t want health insurance, why should they be forced to get it? Except for their minor children of course, unless they could afford any health care their children need.
But taking money from big corporations to buy health insurance for people who don’t even want it? That’s ridiculous.

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Introduction to software quality assurance

Introduction to software quality assurance.
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What should I be studying ? GIS system an all ?

Question by .: What should I be studying ? GIS system an all ?
I am going to do one of my university subjects during summer school in order to take of the load in semester one. The subject I will be doing is Geography. This is what the outline says:

Introduction to space-modifying technologies such as GIS, transport and communications, and their historical significance. Practical exposure to current digital technologies through laboratories, texting and web interaction and an introduction to the social impact of the technologies through media such as cyberspace, cellular phones and location based systems. Critical perspectives on new technologies and space, and the representation of such technologies in popular and academic writing.

I want to prepare for this subject before actualy starting summer school. Any advice on where i should start and what i should be focusing on?

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Answer by Allen
You might want to look at different websites that are “anti-technology” such as and books about the effects that technology has on society like “Bowling alone”
If you look on amazon you might see related books that are good to read

For the more “science” part you’ll want to just look on youtube and see how satellites work (and GPS) as well as other technologies. is pretty good as well. It seems to be looking at how technologies work and what effects they have on people.

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