The 3 Best Stocks to Invest in Information Technology

The 3 Best Stocks to Invest in Information Technology
Information technology makes the business world go round. No corporation worth its salt would even attempt nowadays to operate without a variety of computer systems, data networks, custom software packages, and top-notch support services.
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Addictive use of IT can hurt health
Sunday MBA provides ideas on running better businesses and succeeding in the modern workplace, this week from MIT Sloan Management Review. Pervasive and near-continual use of organizational information technology systems is taking a toll on some …
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Small Businesses Drive Growth with Data-Driven Marketing

Small Businesses Drive Growth with Data-Driven Marketing
Email, customer service logs, billing and shipping – each of these systems contain important information about your customers. Your customers … In the following example, a regional retailer has identified three segments and the marketing strategy for …
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Microsoft employees — past and present — look back over the years
Hauser and her team, selling the sturdier operating system built by Short's group, relentlessly courted chief information officers, making clients out of the likes of media conglomerate Time Warner and big Wall Street broker Merrill Lynch. A company …
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Tighter rules aim to limit seafood poisoning from raw oysters
But the new strategy, which took effect May 1 and runs through Sept. 30, has sent ripples of … The infections cause days of nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea and can be dangerous for people with compromised immune systems. “The push for this …
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Latest ‘website Development News

This Web Development Shop's Passion Project: Injecting Your Company Culture
HappyFunCorp is a website development shop based in Dumbo, Brooklyn, but its 50+ employees are distributed across half a dozen time zones. That kind of distance can be a serious challenge for a company's culture. But it isn't just distance that can …
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15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design and Development Partner
Selecting the right web design partner for your firm's website redesign can be a challenging task. While proposals play a role in the process, interviewing and asking the right questions can provide you with the insight needed to better inform your …
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Hunterdon Business Services, LLC Announces Discounts on Its Mobile-Friendly
Hunterdon Business Services, LLC, a Lebanon, NJ marketing company specializing in the development of responsive desktop websites and standalone, mobile websites, announced discounts for small businesses on its web development services today.
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How to get to sleep: eight surprising tricks and tips

How to get to sleep: eight surprising tricks and tips
Pioneered by Harvard-trained holistic health doctor Andrew Weil, the 4-7-8 technique is as gloriously simple as tricks to make your body fall asleep come. All you have to do is lightly touch the ridge of tissue behind your top front teeth with your …

Tips and tricks
Require Password option. If entering your password to download a free app seems like an unnecessary step, you can skip it with Apple's recent iOS 8.3 update. If you do not receive a message asking whether you would like to turn off the password …
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Style at Home: Tips and tricks for pretty florals
I cannot put a flower bouquet together to save my life. I've tried. Over and over again. Every time, the vase full of blooms looks like a Pinterest fail. But I love to use fresh flowers in my decorating. So through the years, I've learned a few tricks …
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Global software testing industry to reach US$71bil in 3yrs: MSTB

Global software testing industry to reach USbil in 3yrs: MSTB
THE global software testing services market was valued at US$ 41.84 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach US$ 70.98 billion by 2018, growing with a compound annual growth rate of 11.15%, according to the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB).
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Cardlytics Selects QASymphony as Their Software Testing Solution
Cardlytics, the data analytics company that provides a purchase driven intelligence platform for advertising, measurement and insights, announces their selection of QASymphony's platform of software testing tools today. The two agile technology …
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Nationwide picks eggPlant tools for software testing
Building society Nationwide has picked TestPlant's eggPlant tools as its testing platform for its mobile and multi-browser development. The company, which is in the middle of a digital transformation, will use eggPlant Functional and eggPlant for …
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