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America's secret war on ISIL: The African military operation you'll never hear
Last week, in fact, the New York Times reported on new Pentagon plans to counter the Islamic State by creating a hub-and-spoke network of bases and outposts stretching across southern Europe, the Greater Middle East, and Africa by “expanding existing …
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Actionise move towards universal health care
The development of "health financing systems that support moving towards universal health coverage" is one of the priorities in the Health Ministry's strategic business plan. It is hoped that this will be translated into action sometime very soon …
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Fire alert for New Year's Eve
It comes as 39C is forecast for New Year's Eve with authorities meeting to plan a course of action. Emergency Management Commissioner Craig … Septic systems may have been damaged and leakage from these systems could pose a health hazard. Blazes still …
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The Best Infrastructure Management Services of 2015
The last three years have seen an explosion of cloud and hybrid infrastructure deployments. From large enterprises with thousands of servers and petabytes of data to small operations with only five or 10 servers, the economics of easier management …
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What the bleedin' Dell is this? IT giant mulls unit selloffs – report
Reuters reports Dell is thinking of selling off non-core assets to clear the decks before the EMC acquisition and raise $ 10bn. Four candidate businesses are mentioned: Quest Software IT management with its systems management, security and business …
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It's come to this for IBM: Watson is now a gimmick app on the iPhone
Remember when IBM's Watson was touted as a revolutionary machine learning platform that would help revolutionize the medical, science and business intelligence fields? Big Blue's expensive pet project has been showcased as a solution for everything …
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NIIT, HP Partner To Offer PGCP In Software Testing

NIIT, HP Partner To Offer PGCP In Software Testing
“With the global software testing market witnessing a robust growth at a CAGR of 11 per cent over the period 2013-2018, we have observed a growing demand for software testing professionals in India,” said Shivan Bhargava, Group President, Skills and …
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Europe's CIOs must raise their game in testing software quality
Francois Bonifacio, managing director of IT services at laboratory specialist Eurofins, said his firm uses Cast Software to test software created through an agile development approach. Testing is used in an attempt to improve software quality. "If you …

Fleet Engineering gains WA grant for software testing
Fleet Engineering CEO Andrew Walker tells ATN the cash will be used testing upgrades with international IT services firm Planet IT. "One of the things we've got to grapple with as a growing company is how to make sure our software, as we push updates, …
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