Foundation for a Drug-Free World Florida Racing Through Tampa Bay With the

Foundation for a Drug-Free World Florida Racing Through Tampa Bay With the
… will give users a checklist of considerations when choosing a provider. Chris Presley is a Solutions Architect at Pythian. He loves order – making him a premier Microsoft SQL Server expert. Not only has he programmed and administered SQL Server …
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U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for February 27: Educational Attainment
I sat down with Michael Rösch, COO of POOL4TOOL, to chat about cloud computing. With a lot of buzz about the impact of the cloud on business, it was a chance to get a perspective, as well as a few hints and tips, from someone who has been at the …
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Latest ‘systems Development Life Cycle News

Tension affects your heart
February is National Heart Month and many people aren't aware of how much the tensions of life increase a person's risk of cardiovascular disease or a serious coronary or cerebral event. Being stressed can alter the way the body behaves and this can …
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For black actors, August Wilson play a positive step on race
It is a time of heavy urban development, and Memphis' diner is the only remaining business that has yet to be purchased by the city so that they can be demolished. "Memphis is somewhat of a holdout," Bomar said … Simply presenting the August Wilson …
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Kasich: Sanders wrong on Wall St, it makes economy churn
In the Republican presidential race, John Kasich has been among the most-credentialed but least-noted candidates. He spent nearly two decades in the U.S. House, where he rose to chair the Budget Committee and helped negotiate a deal with Bill Clinton's …
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Meet Nancy Brown, Venture Partner at Oak HC/FT
Prior to joining Oak HC/FT, Nancy was Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for McKesson Technology Solutions. She has more than 25 years of experience in clinical research and automating clinical information systems, combining management …
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Top Three Strategies for Avoiding an Existential Risk
It follows that a record of past survival on our planetary spaceship provides no useful information about the probability of certain existential disasters happening in the future. The facts of cognitive closure plus the observation selection effect …
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3 Startups Revolutionizing Marketing Technology
This Canadian video marketing platform is finding new ways to derive information on viewer behavior for marketing automation systems and CRM. Sporting a … This helps marketers figure out what works and what doesn't work in their online video strategy.
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Oracle debuts first systems with 10-billion-transistor SPARC M7 chip

Oracle debuts first systems with 10-billion-transistor SPARC M7 chip
Oracle Corp. certainly knows how to launch a hardware product. The company introduced its newest line of SPARC-based systems at its annual customer conference this morning with a list of more than 20 broken processing records spanning roughly half a …
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iOS 9 tips and tricks: How to add the iOS 9 Battery widget to Notification
With iOS 9, Apple has introduced battery-saving features, such as preventing an iPhone's screen from unnecessarily lighting up for notifications when the device is laying facedown, and a new Low Power Mode to disable battery-hungry tasks when the …
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Apple TV tips and tricks: Stream Spotify and Amazon Video on new Apple TV
One of the new features of Apple's fourth-generation Apple TV is a dedicated App Store where you can download apps and games for Apple's new tvOS just like you already do for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. This opens up a host of new entertainment options; …
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