Android App Development for Beginners – 1 – Introduction

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25 Responses to “Android App Development for Beginners – 1 – Introduction”
  1. Josh Bollman says:

    Just a tip: You can also click the path in Windows Explorer (e.g., Computer
    > Local Disk (C:) >) and it will turn into a selectable text box where you
    can copy the path. It’s simple and involves about three less clicks. DO NOT
    click the buttons, simply click in the box itself.

  2. Bucky Roberts says:

    Started working on an updated Android Development for Beginners series!

    Buddy is taking over the Excel tutorials, so now I will have some more time
    for Android Development. And, in this series we are using the new Android
    Studio (which is awesome by the way)

  3. Varun Upadhyay says:

    Bucky I have enough experience in Python programming but I have not done
    any Java programming. Can I do this course?

  4. chili24137 says:

    I havnt; heard that liquid gold voice in quite a while

  5. Milan Obrenovic says:

    …if you are making an android series reborn from the first one, you
    should probably wait till 2015 january or february because some stuff might
    get updated even then. Hang tight, 2k14 is almost over!

    But still, I am really excited when I saw the series are beginning, I
    really wanna learn android but now with everything up-to-date :)

  6. prepareuranus says:

    Why is the Android SDK downloading so slowly? Anyone experiencing this? 10
    Kb/s is not acceptable.

    And no mirrors either. AND ITS FROM DAMN GOOGLE.

  7. Joshua Williams says:

    For my Fellow Developers!!

  8. CrossStarX says:

    Good god all mighty man… do you know EVERYTHING???

  9. popacap21 says:

    bucky BROTEIR roberts

  10. Dinis Oliveira says:

    thanks for your videos, but this video is quieter than others you have made

  11. Matt Miller says:

    Is there anything special I need to do if running this on OS X Mavericks?
    Like from 6 minutes to 9 minutes?

    Thanks 😀 

  12. Lemmy Kilmister says:

    anyone have any good suggestions for learning Java? preferably a Youtube
    series like this, but anything (books,courses,ect.) will work as well.
    thanks in advance!

  13. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I missed ur soothing typing so much :’) please don’t stop teaching us for
    free please…

  14. Banjojo says:

    Interested in following this and wondering if I can use my crouton
    chromebook for this. Is the software all open source? I have an ARM
    architecture so I can’t use closed source stuff that hasn’t been compiled
    for ARM. Otherwise I will just stick to my windows PC.

  15. Praveen Bhagat says:

    Please help me on this
    When i run a app i get this error .How to fix this..
    emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
    Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
    CPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module is not installed!

  16. ►►► FireBoy2708 ◄◄◄ says:

    why don’t you buy an ssd bucky?

  17. Walter.H.White says:

    your tutorials always useful to find me a job thanx

  18. Emīls Kurpnieks says:

    You should have also mention how resources demanding this application
    actually is.

    I watched videos to tutorial 6 or something, when I figured out, let me try
    it all in reality, after downloading and launching, turned out my system
    doesn’t provide vt-x / HAXM /hardware accelaration which is required to run
    it, so I had to download some Eclipse Java or something, and when I finally
    managed to get it working, at point where it started virtual device, my RAM
    ( 4GB ) was full, but overall, awesome tutorials, I found you by checking
    tutorials for AJAX you made, those ones helped me alot, but for androids,
    seems I need to get a new computer at first.

  19. Mithun Rathinasamy says:

    Subscribed! Wow, no one can do computer programming tutorials in such an
    entertaining way. I enjoy learning from your channel. Please keep up this
    good work. Thanks!

  20. Dsloan Media says:

    So glad to see you back on the map. Been waiting for this since your 2012

  21. bapx123 says:

    Hi, festival i wanna apologize if someone else ask this before but here i
    go Can i make android apps with c++ programming language insteed of Java (i
    havent learn it yet)? Thanks for answering guy you are great.

  22. g raj says:

    check this video rames

  23. João Victor says:

    These videos are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the
    world. By the way, could you tell me how to get videos with that quality on


  24. tamao punk says:

    Hey bucky im 14 yrs im from nepal and i wanted to be a app developer from a
    very small age so ur tutorials inspire me very much and i learn them very

  25. ALI MASRI says:

    Thanks Man.. I’m Waiting your videos..
    you’re Really Genius … Everyday I’m Checking up Your Channel for Android
    App. Developmen

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