Atlantic City Tries To Photoshop Its Problems Away

Atlantic City Tries To Photoshop Its Problems Away
Meanwhile, Governor Chris Christie is engaging in a political form of Photoshop, announcing an "emergency summit" to discuss Atlantic City's fate. … Contact the author of this article or email with further questions, comments or tips.
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Artists finding inspiration amid airstrikes in Gaza
First, in a black cloud staining the bright blue sky above a beach, he saw hints of a prominent nose, thick mustache and wild hair, “like an old man contemplating the situation of Gaza,” Khaled said. Then, in a friend's photograph of a taller, thinner …
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World's Best Hotels: 10 Big Yesses And 10 Big Nos
Good tip. But there are some things on the list that are really good tips for everyone, like, how 'not using a credit card' can burn you. As USA Today points out, there are numerous benefits to using a credit card. The perks, for starters; airline …
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