Bluetooth wireless technology?

Question by Eclipse: Bluetooth wireless technology?
“Bluetooth wireless technology” on a phone means that i can share ringtones with anyone for free, right?

btw, im thinking about getting a M300 by Samsung from Sprint.

thanks. =]

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Answer by karuppu s
yes u can callect the freeringtones for ur phone through

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2 Responses to “Bluetooth wireless technology?”
  1. Wireless Buddy says:

    Well Bluetooth is basically a short range communication radio. And yes, you can share ringtones between phones.

  2. Paul C says:

    Bluetooth is a short-range wireless radio technology.

    It supports many various “profiles”. So if your phone supports OBEX (object exchange) for files, i.e. ringtones, then yes. If it doesn’t provide OBEX file xfer than you may be out of luck…using BT that is. There’s probably another way or 4 to get ringtones on your phone.

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