App of the Week: Swifty teaches iOS programming fundamentals on the go

App of the Week: Swifty teaches iOS programming fundamentals on the go
Swifty_iPad_and_iPhone_1 Swift, Apple's new language for programming Mac and iOS apps, launched with a good deal of fanfare last year. Apple touted it as a new way to get more people building apps, since it's a more streamlined language compared to …
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Apple iOS 8.4 in Development – Music App New Look and Other New Features
Just a few days after Apple released the iOS 8.3 version for the public, the Cupertino based company seeded a beta version of the IOS 8.4. The new beta version is available for registered developers and can be downloaded from the Developer Center.
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Android App Development for Beginners – 1 – Introduction

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Information Session: Master of Mobile Apps Development – Charles Sturt University

Our Master of Mobile Apps Development is designed in consultation with industry partners such as Gruden, Novus-Res and Built to Roam to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to be a …
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Four Critical Reasons To Build Enterprise Apps

Four Critical Reasons To Build Enterprise Apps
Mobile strategists must ensure that analytics relevant to business goals are wed to each mobile app in order to maximize that app's utility. Analytics is a key part of the mobile software development life cycle, and continues to have benefits …
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ADB and Fastboot coming to ChromeOS soon – development of Android Apps on
Google has been making their two operating systems a little more interactive, ChromeOS and Android have seen a number of features recently which have made using the two a little more easy. MTP Support and of course Android apps on Chrome are but …
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How App Development Frameworks Impact the Dev Ecosystem
Business owners who are totally inexperienced in writing any markup language or in developing anything online can now easily infiltrate the dev world and refer to themselves as developers. App development builders like BuildFire cut through the need to …
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CROMOSYS is amongst Top Best mobile app design and development
Cromosys is building award winning apps since more than 3 years and has successfully earned its name as one of the most efficient iOS app development company in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Belgium to name a few. CROMOSYS …
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iPhone App Development – [NEW] iPhone Apps Development Tutorial

Go to:▻▻ for a 30 day trial only! iPhone App Development – [NEW] iPhone Apps Development Tutorial What is this program? iPho…
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Apple releases WatchKit developer tools alongside first iOS 8.2 beta

Apple releases WatchKit developer tools alongside first iOS 8.2 beta
"This means that you begin your watch app development with your existing iOS app, which must support iPhone." In other words, there will be no separate App Store for watch apps—as in Android Wear, Apple Watch apps are actually delivered alongside …
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What Are The Best New Resources For Learning iOS Development In 2014?
Expect your app to be a sort of tree of references from the AppDelegate to one class instance (like a main UIViewController), which will have references to other class instances (like a UIView and other UIViewControllers), and so on; In a …
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How Google Inbox shares 70% of its code across Android, iOS, and the Web
To make matters more complicated, these clients all use different programming languages: Objective-C and/or Swift for iOS, Java for Android, and JavaScript/CSS/HTML5 for the Web. It's a problem Google decided to tackle when it was developing the …
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HealthKit supports some Bluetooth products natively, lets accessory makers

HealthKit supports some Bluetooth products natively, lets accessory makers
That means that some accessory manufacturers will be able to skip the process of developing a companion app for their product and instead allow HealthKit to automatically connect to and control the device itself. The accessories that will be built-in …
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Progress acquires Modulus; enables fast, scalable Node.js and MongoDB app
The Modulus Node.js and MongoDB cloud platform is designed to simplify and speed development of the new generation of scalable, always connected business and consumer apps that are constantly monitored and optimized for the best experience.

Xamarin Rolls Out Even More Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Goodness
There are two schools of thought when it comes to mobile application development. The first says that only by developing on the native mobile platforms can an application be created which leverages the particular functionality that said platform delivers.
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Learn Android Development Online – Part 1

Experience Instructor Led Online Courses with 24×7 On-Demand Support at edureka Please write b…
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iOS 7 mobile substrate not functioning?

Question by Vassily: iOS 7 mobile substrate not functioning?
I jailbreaked my iphone 5 recently. Installed some tweaks that are working under ios7 (activator beta for ios7, swipeselection, and browserchooser). After a while, the tweaks stopped functioning (and they are not visible in the settings app). After some research, I realized that this malfunctioning was due to the “mobile substrate” that is not working.
What should I do? Wait for the update that evasion is working on? Or restore my iphone and rejailbreak it?

Best answer:

Answer by Sam
Both Saurik and the Evad3rs team announced that Mobile Substrate is not (currently) working on iOS 7. The Evad3rs team released the jailbreak without giving Saurik time to prepare either Mobile Substrate or Cydia.

Mobile Substrate is a development layer and safety net that is required to run tweaks on Jailbroken devices. Without Mobile Substrate, tweaks will not work – and if they do, they’re extremely UNSTABLE.

On December 24 at around 8:00 AM EST, Saurik released an update to Cydia for iOS 7. As of the 24th, Cydia 1.1.9 is the latest version of Cydia which is iOS 7 compatible. In the release notes, Saurik said that “he needed to get [Cydia] out so he could move onto Substrate development…” This release only happened a few days after the initial iOS 7 jailbreak was announced. Therefore, I would guess that mobile substrate won’t be too far behind. You can probably expect to see a mobile substrate update by January 1, 2014 (or earlier – maybe even a week).

What should you do? I think the best thing to do is to wait it out. A mobile substrate update is on its way and should be here soon. It’d just be more trouble to rejailbreak later. Besides, Cydia has more than just tweaks! Jailbreak apps, mobile terminal, SSH, and things like that all still work (if they’re updated for iOS 7). You can also search Google for a list of “iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks /apps”

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