The benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things

The benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things
In a manufacturing environment, geo signals are even more accurate thanks to Wi-Fi technology. Operators can be in a noisy factory and use the geo-intelligence and navigation to obtain the right information at their fingertips based on their location.
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MarTech Landscape: What is a data management platform (DMP)?
In this installment of Marketing Land's MarTech Landscape Series, we explain what DMPs are and why they've become increasingly important pieces of digital marketers' ad technology stacks. … A DMP offers a central location for marketers to access and …
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Visa: New Technology for Chip Cards To Speed Checkout Times
Among the leading co-working company nationwide is New York based WeWork, a venture backed company valued at $ 16 billion that has more than 75 locations across the United States and worldwide. WeWork opened a 91,000 square-foot location in …
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AT&T Prepared As Major Winter Storm Hits Tennessee
Take advantage of location-based mapping technology. Services such as AT&T Navigator and AT&T FamilyMap can help you seek evacuation routes or avoid traffic congestion from downed trees or power lines. You can also track a family member's wireless …
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Top Tech for 2016
Tied to that are location-based technologies, the proper supply-chain infrastructure and data-sensing and -transmission devices such as beacons. For the consumer, the experience must be fluid, whether on a phone, online or in the store. Internally, raw …

Marketers should stop ignoring instant messages
Location-based technology allows people to order a pizza to their current location. Technology such as application programming interfaces (APIs) allow messaging to become embedded with other overlaying services. For example, Facebook Messenger …
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Nikola Tesla on Wireless Technology, Describes a Cell Phone Back in 1926
“The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human …
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What to expect from wireless technology in the coming year
It seems that every day, a new technology is introduced or there is something new a wireless device can do for us. In 2016, the plethora of devices that go beyond smartphones and tablets will change the way business is conducted and simplify everyday …
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T-Systems International's 'location based mobile advertising'

T-Systems International's 'location based mobile advertising'
BBJ: T-Systems launched its location-based mobile advertising B2B2C technology in Hungary this past summer. By mid-September, 100,000 offers had been sent over a period of 10 weeks. How has uptake progressed since the program began? The opt-in …
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Facebook Powers Up Its E-Commerce Ambition (FB)
TheFind's search engine technology also helps Facebook improve its e-commerce strategy. I am happy with Facebook's … TheFind's mobile apps will also likely be killed because Facebook will be integrating TheFind's search engine technology in its core …
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Morpho, W-Locate partner to bring location-based services
Morpho, a global leader in identity and security solutions, has signed a partnership with location-based services (LBS) specialist W-Locate to embed geo-location technology in its SIM cards. W-Locate's XimLoc technology enables carriers to launch new …
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Bluedot, Cardfree bring location-based services to US restaurants
… Sonic and other major US brands. Cardfree, a mobile commerce company, has signed an exclusive agreement to use Bluedot's location-based services technology in US restaurants. Bluedot will enable restaurants to send marketing to customers based on …
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Uber To Buy Location-Based Service Provider deCarta
Uber Technologies is acquiring deCarta, a location-based services (LBS) startup based in San Jose, California. The ride-sharing company is making its first acquisition to improve its service. deCarta offers a full set of LBS technology, which is …
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Location based marketing will become far more possible with 2019 tech
It explained that trends toward local search, health, retail, personal asset tracking, and connected home apps will spread geolocation based tech massively by 2019. This will open up a practically limitless number of doors for location based marketing …
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Using Mobile Technology to Improve Customer Experience

The mobile revolution will transform most companies business in the next decade. It will trigger a more radical transformation toward systems of engagement. …
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From biometrics to mobile IDs: Top 5 tech trends for Australia in 2015
The possibilities for contactless technology, however, are not limited to payments. Government departments, major retailers and banks across the country are considering new ways to expand the scope of what consumers can do with their mobile phones, …
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2014's Most Innovative Uses of Mobile Technology
2014 will be remembered for many things: disappearing airliners, widespread ebola outbreaks, and Rosetta's landing on a comet. But beyond sensational news stories, 2014 saw some of the most innovative uses of mobile technology. In a world within which …
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Mobile Technology Helping Cyclone Evan Recovery in Samoa
In addition to short-term relief, the World Bank is investing in electronic vouchers with mobile phone technology that will deliver long-term recovery benefits. The e-vouchers will be used by nearly 7,400 farmers and fishermen to help boost income and …
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The Future of Mobile Technology in 2015
2014 has been a magical year for mobile devices. The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the one-of-a-kind Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the Google Nexus 6, iOS 8, Apple Pay, and Android 5.0 Lollipop were all released—and that was just …
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AirPatrol Corporation Delivers Location-Based Mobile Device Security for Good

AirPatrol Corporation Delivers Location-Based Mobile Device Security for Good
MAPLE LAWN, Md., Jun 03, 2014- Location-based mobile device security developer AirPatrol Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp. , today announced it has joined Good Technology™'s partner ecosystem to provide …

Why Microsoft Is Wrapping Location-Based Ads Around Retail Stores
The tech brand has dramatically grown its merchant presence, adding 50 shops in the last several months. And the Redmond, Wash.-based company will lean on location-based mobile advertising to drive traffic into its new stores after diligently testing …
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Would You Use It?: Affordable Location-Based Marketing
ISIGN has developed a patented technology that discovers mobile devices and delivers targeted, relevant and timely messages to those users within a selectable range of 30 to 300 feet (9 to 91 meters). Message delivery is on an opt-in basis and uses a …
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Third Generation of LBS to Capitalize on Location Based Advertising, Says ABI
The LBS market continues to grow strongly and with the arrival of always-on ubiquitous location, ABI Research believes that the market is ready to truly support location based advertising efforts. In Western Markets, a third generation of location …
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Why do the different mobile phones not interfere with each other even they have same antennas ?

Question by Name N: Why do the different mobile phones not interfere with each other even they have same antennas ?
Could you please tell me if antenna is getting all the signals but the circuit decides the frequency(as u mentioned), then why there is no interference between the cellphones in the same cell, although they have the same circuits?
I mean me and my friend in the same room using the same phone and calling people. I know for each mobile different frequency allocated. But hoe the phone differ thet. Dont they have the same circuit all the time?

Best answer:

Answer by Gary B
Mobiles phones use “packet technology” to transmit data. Each “packet” of data contains an “address” of the phone it is being sent to. Your phone decodes ONLY those packets addressed to it.

The cell phone takes the sound waves of your voice and converts them to a digital signal. Those digital signals are then assembled into a “packet” of data. At the same time, the “packet” is given an address of the closest cell tower.

All the computers attached to the cell towers determine which phone the “packet” is going to, and the computers on the ground route the packet through the easiest network path to the cell tower closest to the phone being called. that cell tower then transmits the packet to the cell phone.

Since the “packet” has the “address” of only ONE specific phone, ONLY that phone can decode the packet. ALL of the other packets that may be floating around, even those on the same frequency, are ignored.

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Wireless technology leads to a need for enhanced EMC tests and services
The wider integration of wireless technology into products has caused a shift in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test services from classic or non-wireless testing to wireless testing. This has resulted in a higher number of new frequency bands …
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Why isn't wireless charging a thing yet?
The technology is there. Whether it's inductive or magnetic resonance doesn't matter one bit to most people. What entices consumers is the notion of being able to toss down a phone, tablet and pair of wireless headphones on the bedside table and have …
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Wireless technology forums aim to go beyond jargon
Getting beyond the jargon and understanding what the wireless revolution means to Wisconsin is the goal of the Wisconsin Wireless Technology Forums, the first of which was held Friday in Sturtevant. Two others are scheduled for June 25 in Appleton and …
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