Cloud Computing 101

Cloud Computing 101 In this webinar, vExpert David…
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Steve about cloud computing in 1997

Here is Steve introducing the iCloud in 1997.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Cloud Computing 101”
  1. Michael Thomas says:

    41:30 “Short Sided CIO” Dude…

  2. The Gitche Urban Gardener says:

    The Valley Girl accent is a turn off.

  3. Dee Cartwright says:


  4. autoparts321 says:

    Does David Davis, provide any replies to questions on this comment board?
    Anyhow, here’s my question, whats the difference between Cloud computing
    and Application Hosting Providers? Seems like pretty much the same concept
    thats been around for a couple of decades now.

  5. Terry Thomas says:

    Once it’s understood that a CLOUD service is no more than a STUPID way of
    saying REMOTE HDD. Or better-yet, “we take the hard drive out of, or add
    space to your computer – providing you with an extra 1, 2 or 3-TB, as much
    hard drive space you’ll ever need on OUR SERVER and charge you a monthly
    storage/service FEE for the pleasure” – the easier it is to under stand
    this overstated Webinar “CLOUDED SALES-BUZZWORD-SPEAK”.

    A cloud operates, interfaces, through Windows Explorer, you know, My
    Computer, to cut copy and paste folders and files of any file type – or at
    least it should. It moves data around from partition to partition on the
    internal HDD of yer computer’ – and it moves data around from your computer
    HDD to the “Cloud HDD and partitions — simple no big mystery.

  6. pigment07 says:

    Ken Olson’s “a computer” is not “a PC”. Please refer to

  7. Daniel West says:

    help me do my project work (cloud computing)

  8. Dominik Dziurzyński says:

    Nice webinar mr David! With cloud computing I have only one problem: who on
    earth is going to guarantee that all this valuable info will be protected?
    Will not be hacked by the competition? Would be sold by the same company
    that we pay to save? But on the other hand I really appreciate the
    solutions and new possibilities given by cloud computing! Recently my
    friend googled Comzetta. which seems to be a combination of storage space
    and virtual desktop. Maybe someone knows are they reliable? I don’t know
    this company, but they declare full security of storage files what’s the
    most important to me, because they’re private, and I want to decide to whom
    I want to give an access to view it. 

  9. Weerasak Sroykham says:

    Cloud Computing 101

  10. Maneesh Kumar Muralidhar says:

    Excellent Presentation, Very Informative

  11. Thomas J Hughes says:

    Cloud computing is another scam created by companies that want to control
    your data and information – cloud computing is not safe unless the company
    that is providing the service is accredited by some sort governing body and
    has undergone a formal certification (verification, testing and
    validation). Certification is the technical aspect of the process while the
    accreditation is the administrative process granting some sort of
    accreditation certificate based upon some sort of industry security
    requirements. All security requirements have to be tested against the
    implemented secuirty controls – this is where most cloud computing
    companies fall short – there is no continuous monitory process in place o
    identify threats,threat agents, vulnerabilities, soft flaws,exploits or

  12. Maurice Udoh says:

    Mr Davis, this is an awesome presentation from you. It is quite educative
    and informative. The question and answer session has added more
    clarifications on this topical technology that is creating impact
    everywhere in the business world. I have learnt a lot just like others.
    Thanks anf Cheers !!!

  13. Lovemypearlz says:
  14. Dan Wentzel says:

    David does a great job to explain cloud computing and yes he does have an
    excellent resumé.

  15. tino defaultino says:

    Thanks a lot David.. this is a very good introduction to cloud computing.

  16. scott black says:

    Learn to spell before you comment, just a suggestion!

  17. Norbert Jürgens says:

    Good Job. Clearly explained, but not for novices in computer technology. So
    in my eyes you met the balance between explanation but assuming a good
    understanding of computer technology in general. Many thanks

  18. Chao Min says:

    Well explained.

  19. Sandeep Jain says:

    Good presentation . Though some real life examples at the start would have
    been useful in getting the concept

  20. Meljun Cortes says:

    well explained comprehensive discuss everything…. good….

  21. Leo Reyes says:

    Buen webinar COMPLETO para quien quiera iniciarse en el Cloud

  22. محمد عامر خان says:

    Cloud Computing 101

  23. Garry Hesser says:

    think’s are changing

  24. Selby Dhliwayo says:
  25. ourUSB says:

    Steve Jobs about cloud computing 17 years ago:

    Steve about cloud computing in 1997

  26. Ayrton Senna says:

    Great!!! now whe have Cloud computing, and we put the information at reach
    of hackers, so they don’t have to search it on our computers. Just ask
    Jennifer Lawrence…

  27. Oktawave says:

    W roku 1997 Steve Jobs przedstawił wizję czegoś nieuniknionego dla rozwoju
    IT. To coś dziś nazywamy chmurą. Polecamy jako inspirację na nadchodzący

  28. Victor Carr, Jr says:

    Amazing, how visionary! Now we know why Apple is obsessed with making its
    hardware thin, light, and with no moving parts.

  29. Paul K Deuster says:

    Just found that video, with Steve Jobs talking about cloud computing in
    1997. When i watched it, Googles Chromebooks came after a few minutes to my
    mind. Does any other company follows this path with a few local space and
    saving nearly everything to the cloud? 

  30. Rob Garner says:

    Steve Jobs about cloud computing 17 years ago:

    Steve about cloud computing in 1997

  31. imdev says:

    A video of Steve Jobs in 1997 predicting the use of Cloud Computing in the

    #paas #saas #iaas

    Steve about cloud computing in 1997

  32. kekoff says:

    Can ‘t wait for Gigabit Ethernet! lmfao. 

  33. ourUSB says:

    Steve Jobs about cloud computing 17 years ago:

    Steve about cloud computing in 1997

  34. ComZetta says:

    Do You think that cloud computing is a new trend? Watch this!

    Steve Jobs presents his vision of cloud computing. It was 1997 – those
    days some people did not even know what is the internet!

    Steve about cloud computing in 1997

    #cloud #cloudcomputing #stevejobs 

  35. Nuwan Indika says:
  36. Safwan Oyoun says:

    this was at the time when i don’t even know what was the internet !!

  37. says:

    Pažiūrėkite, ką prieš 16 metų apie debesų kompiuteriją kalbėjo buvęs Apple

  38. Larry Castle says:

    Steve Jobs about cloud (i.e. Dropbox) computing in 1997. It always amazes
    me how clearly he saw where this was all heading.

  39. J Johnston says:

    Funny how he’s describing what Google is known for… Apple’s biggest
    weakness is talking to anything that isn’t an apple.

  40. Thermodynamic says:

    Distributed computing will always have a place, as will “cloud” computing.
    Just be aware of what you do, and why you use one over the other. Do what
    your company needs to do, not what peer pressure wants you to do.

  41. jjoeshaw says:

    @MOnster2470 not really…hahahahaha

  42. All Correct says:

    Its brilliant, but he DID have the benefit of using something like that
    already that was invented by other brilliant people. All his thought was
    “how do we bring this brilliant thing to the people?” I will leave people
    to judge if this was prophetic or just vision.

  43. All Correct says:

    Guys, the real brilliance starts at 06:06 . Apple today is nothing without
    its hardware business. That is what allowed the iphone, ipad and ipod to be
    conceptualized and manufactured. Actually Steve Jobs was always about
    Hardware + Software.

  44. h4x0y says:

    There are a lot of reasons. But you may fail to understand them since your
    definition of a great computer differs from mine, and from many other Mac
    users. For starters, we don’t share the mentality of “how many clock cycles
    per buck do I get” when deciding which computer to buy. We value different
    aspects, we care for certain principles and we pay attention to detail and
    the environment. Moreover, we want the best software from the best
    developers to get things done in a great and elegant way.

  45. Chaza abc says:

    I must say predicted something which is on course to only go mainstream in
    2 more years.. This is pretty impressive. Cloud computing has been around
    for some time now; but only now are home users getting too see it and
    understand it for what it is. A very impressive view especially considering
    that it is 15 years old!

  46. MinBCraft says:

    hell no speakers

  47. Thermodynamic says:

    @CarMoves – agreed!

  48. eric schiltz says:

    Of course Windows NT 4.0 and other network operating systems had backup
    servers, that did most of the work that could backed up automatically under
    software control. Once setup you did not need a person to manually back up.

  49. Bricker Bro says:

    Nope. They are not reasonably priced at all. If the children in China
    actually got good payment for making these products it would be worth it.

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