Cloud Computing Explained

Confused about the term “Cloud Computing”? Want to be “with the times” when you talk about new technology buzzwords? This video boils down a section of Cloud…
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25 Responses to “Cloud Computing Explained”
  1. vikrant thakur says:

    i subscribed… :)
    great video.

  2. Larry E says:

    Good stuff

  3. chestypants78 says:

    Good video. Your voice is exactly like Jon Lovitz (The Critic). :) 

  4. gladwin tirkey says:

    So there are no hardware in cloud computing?

  5. Evonne Marie Lopes says:

    great stuff do you mind if I put a link on a facebook page?

  6. Ehab Nabil says:

    Cloud Computing

  7. Top 10 Best Website Hosting says:

    What do you know about Cloud technology? Check this video out! Also, for
    more information Click Here:

  8. JM WebPosts says:

    I could not stand to watch more than 9 seconds of this video. That voice
    is too annoying.

  9. Ketan Deshmukh says:


  10. Roger Verhoeven says:

    Cloud Computing Explained

  11. Cassia Regina says:

    Great delivery of information. I needed s’one to explain it on a simple
    format (as if I was a child) u did just that with the illustrations. Your
    voice articulation is exceptional and contain a pleasant positive tone.
    Thanks a lot

  12. Engineer says:

    Cloud = NSA

  13. Sudheer Rao says:

    Appreciate the effort you have put in to create the video. Instead of using
    a PPT, like others do, you have used tangible props. I can imagine you have
    put it lot of hard work in making this video. Thank you.. 

  14. The French House says:

    Cool, great, simple explanation of the Cloud. Thanks guys.

  15. John Sprø says:

    just wondering do these cloud hosters allow u to run programs on their
    servers like a program that connects to your site

  16. Dave Smith says:

    Very concise and easy to understand. Thanks!

  17. Rajesh Girbal says:

    Thanks. Will subscribe soon.

  18. Dominik Dziurzyński says:

    Ok I really like this video, but there is one thing I feel uncomfortable
    about, all this thing about virtualization and having all of our
    information in a cluster of computer servers own and checked out once in a
    while by only god knows who, don’t you think that using this system there
    is just no privacy at all?! Ilm working now with a provider called
    ComZetta. It may be a nice solution for companies which wish to improve the
    safety of their data at low costs (one month license for a cloud computer
    may turn out to be cheaper than the maintenance or equipment replacement)
    and for frequent travelers who must be flexible at work (salesmen,
    freelancers, etc.). Privatetly I’m a photographer amator who loves to
    document the world, my fam and friends. I have saved part of photos in
    other locations, galleries like flickr etc. but often I’m using RAW files
    for postprocessing and I’d like to have it properly storage (raw files are
    much bigger then jpg). I would like to protect myself from the situation,
    when somebody wants to get a picture and my memory card is unreadable and I
    couldn’t get them back. 

  19. Kyocera Document Solutions Australasia says:

    Confused about the cloud? This short video explains how Cloud hosting is
    adaptable, instant and cost effective. 

  20. Joyce Média says:

    An easy explanation of Cloud Computing, enjoy!

  21. Amir Jahanlou says:

    Cloud Computing Explained

  22. mcdgreg21 says:

    This made a lot more sense than a 2 hour 50 slide PowerPoint lecture

  23. Dan Nguyen says:

    so are there still servers and hardware on the other end of the cloud (not
    where you are located) to host everything you put on the cloud? All that
    data needs to be hosted somewhere right?

  24. Clara C says:


  25. Jelena Savić says:

    I saw this video years ago… I still think that this is the best
    explanation of cloud computing technology ever! Effective and
    understandable. Thumbs up!

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