Day 1 – Software Testing Training | QA Training | Software Testing Course

Best Software Testing QA Online Training Course: Manual testing + Automation testing Basics online training course. LIKE …

Software Testing Tutorials for beginners: We teach Software QA Testing to career changers @ Portnov Computer School ( Watch first 3 s…
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30 Responses to “Day 1 – Software Testing Training | QA Training | Software Testing Course”
  1. Manju Thapa says:

    Really, it’s a useful presentation and discussion.

  2. lakshmi narayana says:

    can i have links for day 2 and day 3 etc really i enjoyed the class……

  3. swa raj says:

    Really interested class helped me a lot can I get classes regarding java
    and SQL 

  4. rakesh mankala says:


    may i know instructor name

  5. Tonya Par says:

    Good info. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 

  6. Phu Lam says:

    I’m having an interview for a QA position for a software company soon, what
    advice and tips do you have for me, in terms of being ready to tackle the
    interviewer’s questions or technical questions. thank you and God bless.

  7. J Lastname says:

    Make sure you take a few seconds to vote down trolling comments.

  8. Anya Bab says:

    Love it! Love it!

  9. vhong navarre says:

    Software development and QA testing is in demand today. I would love to
    learn this skills. I’m an ECE graduate. Is this an advanced training or
    should I attend a basic training first?

  10. Ricardo Guimaraes says:

    Hi. Which software have you used to produce this video?

  11. mohan acharya says:

    Sir, could you please give me hints show to sign up your class? I am very
    impressed with your lecture. Thank you and hope to get response in earliest

  12. portnovschool says:

    Thank you very much – I am really glad you enjoyed the lecture. If you look
    at the link in video description it points to the page with 6 hours of the
    online class recordings.

  13. Att taa says:

    best thing to do

  14. portnovschool says:

    There are many books, but the one to start with could be “Software Testing”
    by Ron Patton

  15. zamir jamalov says:

    sometime russian words :)

  16. portnovschool says:

    I would suggest that you stop by for an hour and I will see what could be
    done. No charge. Just call first and schedule the time.

  17. Michelle Iguiron says:

    This is very interesting online training sir Portnov. Last time I searched
    an interesting IT Job and I watched your video, it catches my attention to
    learn Software Testing and Software QA and what is the job description.
    Thou I graduated Bachelor Degree in Information Technology last 2010 and my
    job now doesn’t any related in IT. I’m looking forward to learn more sir :)

  18. Mimshad Karim says:

    Hello everybody, thank you for coming. Thank you come again.

  19. Ahmed Ghaznavi says:

    Hi how can i join this class?

  20. Rahul Yadav says:

    Good one…

  21. Rohit Kumar says:

    hi i just moved to united states and iam beginner ,is it possible i can
    learn and find job.i do got masters in Computer Science ,thank u

  22. portnovschool says:

    please, look at a few recorded online sessions here – portnov
    .com/onlinehome If you study on-campus then it comes with an internship (we
    have 50+ local companies talking students)

  23. vendeur81 says:

    Super teacher I have ever seen with sweet accent! and so easy to understand
    speech! Thanks you and my lovely forum, I am planning to change my
    profession. Best Regards, Ikport.

  24. portnovschool says:

    We have online students all over the US and they are getting jobs locally.
    It depends where you live though. Hard work is also a must.

  25. MrNonameUSA says:

    Very passionate instructor! He said he was from Russia; just wondering, is
    that a Vodka on the table?

  26. alinaria says:

    Hi, How do I watch the first 3 sessions that you were talking about?

  27. Felix chetana says:

    My mom told me to watch these. I’m good with computers, but have no
    background in programming or not many technical skills. I’m young and in
    college. If i watch these learn them, and study, will that be enough to
    begin a career? Please reply!

  28. Arthur Martinez says:

    Hi, thank you for your video series; I studied and am currently trying to
    get in as a software developer in C#, java or even php; I’ve been on many
    interviews, but I keep getting the not enough experience. I’ve done
    non-paid internship testing and developing in C# and that it still doesn’t
    help. So, I’m going to take your advice and try QA as a way to enter the
    field. What advice would you have? Also I live in California.

  29. Farah Ehsan says:

    Just finished grad school but I realize most finance jobs are asking for QA
    too, so how long would you think it takes to learn QA?

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