Eclipse Tips and Tricks for Beginners Tutorial

A collection of tips and tricks for those new to eclipse and Java.

This video briefly covers some of the things you can do to better combine the powers of Eclipse and Java.…
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29 Responses to “Eclipse Tips and Tricks for Beginners Tutorial”
  1. HL Sut says:

    Thank you!!

  2. Normalit3 says:


  3. macjavaman says:

    Well done – nice tutorial!

  4. n4naveen says:

    This is very helpful . Thank you very much sir !

  5. socialkriggs says:

    I personally always hard-code my UIs, but I once worked on a project where
    they used the software at swt-designer dot com. It was pretty powerful, but
    it wasn’t free. I don’t know of any free software that compares to other
    IDE’s gui editors. Eclipse’s VE project is supposed to become that, but I
    don’t know if it is usable yet.

  6. MediaFilter says:

    I guess people like him make you feel stupid, hence the personal assault.
    Maybe if you spent less time insulting people on youtube and more time
    studying, that wouldn’t have to be the case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Arnold Rimmer says:

    This guy is a legend :) 4am and u feel moved to talk about eclipse. But hey
    buddy, don’t u think eclipse provides too much functionality? Like
    Developers might become too reliant on it?

  8. mymondex says:


  9. AhYaOk says:

    You could have used this time to learn to write code instead of making the
    video. Thanks for nothing. Is it any surprise that your getting negative
    comments? Most all programmers have a superiority complex; me especially.
    Don’t waste my time!

  10. LeBadman says:

    @BooDog2 Ahh you are one of those people who fails all his classes. Bingo.

  11. gg89hg says:

    thanks for the reminders

  12. firedude297 says:

    I have installed Java jdk6 and down loaded eclipse. I still get an erro
    when starting eclpse. any ideas?

  13. LeBadman says:

    @afrobr01 Aprende Inglรชs.

  14. codingkriggs says:

    Thanks for the compliment :) As for my response, we already have to choose
    what language we use to tackle a problem, which imposes on us what
    platforms we can run on and what files we need to include with our
    software. What IDE you use is just another constraint, just like what
    versioning software you use or what instant messenger your whole team will
    use to communicate. It is a trade of freedom for functionality, a choice
    that, in the case of an IDE, is generally smart.

  15. LeBadman says:

    @jackm132 Look into patterns.

  16. deedidadaa says:

    Dude something tells me u work for NASA.

  17. LeBadman says:

    @MediaFilter Well said.

  18. pooten0 says:

    is there a sound from your mouth i cant hear?

  19. socialkriggs says:

    I’ve explored but haven’t used any other Java IDE for an entire project. I
    really love Eclipse, it is right now in my opinion one of the best examples
    of software development in existence. Just looking at the entire framework,
    extensibility and architecture is amazing. A person can learn a lot by
    understanding how it was made. Not that I can say how it ranks compared to
    other IDEs. Eclipse does have some UI designing tools though. Look at them?

  20. LeBadman says:

    @AhYaOk and that is why people like you are useless. We want friendly
    programmers. I am a friendly programmer. :)

  21. Renato says:

    coloque legendas em portuguรชs…

  22. Sathiya N Sundararajan says:

    thanks for the link though

  23. AhYaOk says:

    @LeBadman lol

  24. YanilleScape says:

    Wow your so fuckin awesome for finding that rofl.

  25. LeBadman says:

    @examinor The most successful people spend their entire days on overtime on
    their career.

  26. bytedildo says:

    thanks for that info, you saved my life! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. kas130771 says:

    thank you :) screw the ******* who hate this videos go tell ur mum. thanks
    for the links thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. flydpnkrtn says:

    wow this guy is crazy excited about java devel ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. Justwannalogon says:


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