How to Become a Software Developer

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25 Responses to “How to Become a Software Developer”
  1. Jon Davis says:

    Degree? No, not unless you’re born with a quarter million bucks. College is
    prohibitively expensive and financing it has become the definition of

    Software development is one of the few career paths where you can do
    something like subscribe to Pluralsight, and save a ton of money, and
    supplement writing your own apps in the comfort of your own home and
    selling them, in order to get your foot in the door of a company where you
    can learn on the job and become a great developer without any formal

  2. Call of Duty Audience says:

    this guy seems to be autistic as fuck

  3. DareDog₁₀₁ says:

    I always wear my headphones when watching videos on YouTube and a I
    couldn’t hear anything in my left ear but music. This annoyed me a lot.

  4. Mohammed Albahrani says:

    Software Engineering

    How to Become a Software Developer

  5. Moin Uddin says:
  6. Evan Cotten says:

    Great video! Maybe next time turn down the music? 

  7. TechTrendsIT says:

    Thanks for the useful video on Software development. But please make sure
    audio should not interrupt the flow. 

  8. Barack Hussein says:

    please,the main problem of this video is the music background,please next
    time try to remove it.Thanks

  9. Yirbeelt Alberto Torres García says:

    My left ear really enjoy it

  10. Matthew RHD says:

    Rubbish sound editing…

  11. Yuzy Sam says:

    whole video is bad..

  12. Mark Lawlor says:

    lose the music or turn it down

  13. Victor Chavez says:

    It’s all correct but… too obvious.

  14. eimaisklhros says:

    Fernando is the MAN!!!

  15. Theinsomniac826 says:

    That music was very annoying. Thank you Fernando for explaining it to us.

  16. sandroballer says:

    the music background is too loud…. which results in overall bad video
    quality :|

  17. Software Nerd says:

    cool video

  18. Mezbah Rijvee says:

    Lol I’m not bad with ladies lmao

  19. euphoria says:

    Cool :)

  20. HowToBecomeTV says:

    This girl is not in the video, but it does depict someone trying to figure
    this “code” stuff out. It is a relevant thumbnail to the topic.

  21. Antonio Underdue says:

    I want to be a software developer. I like working with computers and other
    technology. Where can I get an intern job? What kind of companies and
    places I can go to become a software developer

  22. crchrdsn says:

    That sounds like a good idea. Do you recommend sticking to the Java world
    for the time being? Part of my problem is not knowing what
    language/technology I should be using and studying more of. It seems like
    there are more Java based jobs out there than anything else.

  23. JaffaMicrobrain says:

    How about learning to touch type? I am truly dismayed at the number of
    software developers who spend so much time using a keyboard without being
    able to type.

  24. urMamaMuthaSukka says:

    In my experience, if you become a jack of all trades you will be a master
    of none. Software Engineers that spread themselves too thin, and try to
    learn too many technologies and languages end up doing a poor/mediocre job.
    I’ve seen this many times in industry.

  25. PANOS5656 says:


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