I have a two-year-old son. Can you give me any tips or share any “tricks” for potty-training?

Question by Cutie: I have a two-year-old son. Can you give me any tips or share any “tricks” for potty-training?
He is on the right track. He does usually go pee-pee when I ask him to sit on his potty. When he does this, he gets a new building block to add to the set he already has…he loves to pick new ones out. Unfortunately he does tell me when he needs to go potty, so I’m not sure how to get him to go poop on the potty.
He is coming along in the process. Most of the time he will at least sit on the potty when I ask him to. When he actually goes pee-pee (even if it’s just a little tinkle) I let him pick out a new building block to add to the set he has already earned. The only time I “make” him sit on the potty is if I see him trying to poop because at that time he will not follow me to the bathroom on his own. When he says he’s done, than I thank him for sitting on the potty and get his reward if he’s earned it. However, if I think it’s poopy time I do encourage him to sit on the potty longer and ask him if he can poop in his potty. How do I get him to want to stay on the potty when he needs to poop? Unfortunately, he does not tell me when he needs to potty, whether it’s pee-pee or poop. How can I get him to take me to the bathroom or tell me he needs to go potty?

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Answer by Michael O
Incessant nagging.

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10 Responses to “I have a two-year-old son. Can you give me any tips or share any “tricks” for potty-training?”
  1. Holly says:

    bribery works for anyone even a 2 year old… and kids love candy

  2. michaa28 says:

    Be patient with him don’t rush him. It took me until my son was almost 3 before I got him completely potty trained.

  3. sealife8 says:

    i know it sounds horrible but… if you’re using the “pull-ups” stop. if your son feels wet then he’ll learn to use the potty faster. most of the diapers and those pull-ups take every bit of moister away. good when they’re babies. not good when you’re trying to potty train them. put him in regular underpants around the house when you can.

  4. Carol H says:

    One morning take a walk through the house from the bedroom to the potty, then to your room to the potty ,then to the kitchen to the potty through the whole house. Do the potty walk three times that day and act as if you do it everyday. You are teaching him where to find a potty. Make sure the door is shut each time you leave the potty the last trip around the house and say ” If you need potty, you need mom to open the door”
    He sounds like a smart little boy and an eager learner.
    Once he knows where the potty is and how to get you to go.. then you build on your potty conversations by telling him he can do poo in the pot too and as he builds his block city you will be building his potty ettiquette and uses manners and hand washing.
    Mr.Rogers had a potty book with very good pictures to help tell how its done. You seem to be doing the job pretty well, just talk more and practice.

  5. Karla C says:

    Well I had the same problem with my two year old nephew. I started off by taking him to the toilet and showing him where to do his business. After I would use the bathroom, I would ask him if he needed to go. If he would pee and let me know on time I would reward him with his favorite snack and I would praise him for a job well done. If he would wet his pants, I would let him know that that is not right and I’d let him run around the house butt naked so that when he would have an accident he’d piss on himself and feel embarressed because now his leg is wet and he’s butt naked crying ( believe me, it works because then they’ll warn you or they’ll run to the bathroom so they won’t piss on themselves. Try it out!

  6. Niinnaa says:

    My 2 1/2 year old didn’t do this she actually picked up on the potty process very quickly. When he goes poop refer to it as poop the “stinky booty stuff”. Tell him mommy can’t make it go bye-bye if you don’t poop in the potty. May sound silly but after a while he’s gonna wanna make the stinky booty stuff go bye-bye. So start by eliminating the pull-ups and diapers during the day. If you see him straining as if he’s pooping quickly grab him in mid-strain and sternly tell him this is where you go poop. Keep using the word poop or stinky booty stuff so he can know when he’s getting the feeling again. Then once he’s done tell him to make it go bye-bye and treat him to another building block. But keep real underwear on him all through the day don’t switch back and forth. Buy his favorite character, i.e. superman, spiderman, incredible hawk underwear. And ask him if he wants to make Spiderman stinky. Of course he’ll say no and explain to him not to poop in the underwear cuz Spiderman will get stinky.

    My case it was don’t wet Dora. She was potty trained within 2 weeks fully during the day. Now I’m working on the nights.

  7. Blondie says:

    This is a must! about 15-20 minutes after eating, take him potty. Explain what goes into the potty. Then if he won’t, take him off and try in another five minutes. DO NOT!! Punish him for going in his pants. He’ll get scared. Try buying regular undies. Put them on him, and when he pees in them for the first time, that gross pee-down-the-leg feeling will break him. My niece did that to her daughter and now Presto! She’s potty trained. Also (If extreme only!) let him see you use the potty so he knows what to do. I’d try a potty chair that you empty first, since the splash of the water when he poos may scare him. Then move on to bigger and better things!
    And no! it’s not unfortunate he tells you when he has to potty! It’s a start!

  8. fiestyroo says:

    I would first ask how many months is he because there is a big difference in maturity from a 25 month old to a 35 month old yet thay are both still 2. And by the sound of it I think your boy is just trying to get used to the potty rather then use it all the time. If he doesnt want to ask to go potty even once in a while then I dont think he is quite ready. I am starting to train my almost 2 1/2 year old girl but I am not pushing it. She will ask to go potty a few times a day but when I tryed to but her in pull ups or panties she resisted, so for right now I am just easing off. I still ask her but I dont push it. If she says no then it is no. To potty train you need both readiness AND willingness. Eventually she will want to say goodbye to diapers and be a ” big girl “. It is going to have to be when she feels the time is right. I dont believe in the parents who say now is the time you are going to do it or else. My sister in law is trying to do that with her son who is only one month younger than my daughter and it is not working at all, in fact it is making things worse. She will actually force him down on the potty and make him sit there for about half and hour, and if he doesnt go he gets a bare bum spank. That in my books just isnt fair. Plus he almost never goes but then when he gets up he pees on the floor. I say listen to his cues and if he just doesnt seem interested in trying to ask or go on his own then ease up a bit and wait. Its true….you dont see any 5 year old at school with diapers do you?

  9. Susanne says:

    Patience more than anything. If he goes poop around the same time of the day, stay close to the potty then.

    Watch him and try to catch him when he is in the process of going and put him on the potty. If he already went, put the poop in the potty. Sooner or later he’ll get the idea.


  10. turtlewoman2005 says:

    I started out by buying a simple white potty that looked the closest to a regular toilet. No bells n’ whistles. Then I got her the “Feel N Learn” pull-ups which are great because when they are wet, they feel wet to the child. Then we had a “sticker” program. I would put her potty in front of the toilet and we would both go potty together. Every time she was successful, she got a sticker that she placed on the bathroom cupboard beside her potty chair. That way she was able to see the rewards of her efforts. And I also made a big effort to praise her really dramatically! Then we’d both empty her potty into the toilet and wave and say “bye-bye peepees/poopoos, thanks for coming out!” She’d sometimes just sit on the chair and “pretend” to potty just so she’d get a sticker! But she quickly figured out that she needed to produce visible results… It took about 2 months. Then I took her shopping and let her pick out her own underwear (Dora). She was so happy to wear them and very, very proud. She had a few accidents but I never made a big deal out of them to her. It got tricky when we went out because it’s important that as soon as said she had to potty, we had to pull over right away. I was sure NOT to fall back on the pullups just because we were out. It just prolongs the process. She was able to wear underwear during the day and a pullup at night. Then, eventually she lost the nightime pullup and I woke her at 2am and took her to the potty – every night for about a week. And then that was that.

    Every child is different tho – the key is to make a big fuss when they go and not make a fuss if they don’t. Good luck with it.

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