Information Systems Jobs and Salaries

Jake Sorem shares with the job and salary opportunities in the information systems career field ( Technology instructor in the School o…

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10 Responses to “Information Systems Jobs and Salaries”
  1. b0ondockz says:

    A four year degree to work a 25k-30k per year job? That’s pretty fucking
    ridiculous. Get a certification (like Cisco) and start quicker with no
    student loans or high tuition. Look for a help desk job after 4 years of
    college… are you nuts? You don’t need college for help desk. That’s like
    saying become an RN and then become a CNA when you graduate, and wipe dirty
    asses all day long.

  2. Malik Norris says:

    He was wrong about salaries. Information systems managers average around
    $120,000 a year

  3. ReflexDesigns says:

    Inaccurate information. Salaries are way off.

  4. Bansenshukai9 says:

    I’m planning on doing a BSC (Hons) degree in Business Information Systems,
    would that help me land a decent job someday? Decent Miney?

  5. Bansenshukai9 says:


  6. HollywoodKendrick says:

    Yes. There are plenty of opportunities out there. Everyone needs a person
    who specializes in business. From companies such as the WWE, Microsoft,
    Corporate Walmart, etc. You could start your own business as well. You’ll
    learn everything you need to know in your courses, so don’t feel

  7. brian hanf says:

    Go Jake

  8. Caprican28 says:


  9. LaserBeamerZ says:

    Everyone needs to immigrate to Europe. Lets go home guys.

  10. george saly says:

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