Information Technology Careers Preview

Information Technology Careers Preview

This program introduces some of the exciting careers and educational opportunities in Computers and Information Technology. Bridges Career Academies and Work…

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25 Responses to “Information Technology Careers Preview”
  1. VWGTI says:

    You want to make the BIG $$$ learn programming. 

  2. Gucci threeonethird says:

    Which would be better for IT, community college or a tech school?? Please
    give me some information.

  3. Sam Diab says:

    5:38 Computer Science is a whole different branch from IT

  4. Victor Abraham Bernedo Tapia says:

    nice, its very interesting the differents kinds of information =) (sorry,
    my english is bad)

  5. 8ballinghettofab says:

    “i feel like some type of secret agent Nya Sayin’?!”

  6. Codelogic says:

    Information Technology Industry – YouTube

  7. Jivan Ionut says:

    Cool video. Also I just read an article where a male nanny was called a

  8. Abbas Agariya says:

    Greate Video! Brothers

  9. madgodzilla12465 says:

    Very inspiring video.

  10. volikoto says:

    @borisjakovljevic i just watched your blog and its great.

  11. Aaron Myrick says:

    i can’t afford to go to college but am looking/hoping to get a job similar
    to software developer. please tell me some or if this is not possible. also
    i am willing to work my way up.

  12. gabriel arredondo says:


  13. grooveclubhouse says:

    I agree. Sometimes I go on site and its the most simplest of solutions. I
    fix the issue and think “I can not believe I get paid for this”. I think it
    comes down to your attitude and how you look at it. If your like the guy
    above then your not going to like any kind of support roll.

  14. ReliveTheDream says:

    yeah, well you’re better off in computer programming or engineering, IT is
    a waste of brain.

  15. laura Dieguez says:

    xurocho por dios

  16. omirta says:

    TI 3

  17. Jordan Pohawpatchoko says:

    uncleee Calvin!!!!!!1

  18. Fagocyte says:


  19. María Lamela says:

    xo lo asimilo Miry

  20. SogMosee says:

    I want to work for Pixar! Is IT right for me?

  21. اسامه عبدالله says:

    ,Thank so much i got a lot of information from this video . i’m doing IT
    in India

  22. apoelGTR says:

    i have BSc and MSc in Information Technology and for 1.5 year i am looking
    for 1 job here in CYPRUS.. i am unlucky, stupid or one more victim of
    economic crisis? i dont know.. michalis-sergiouDOTcom

  23. brokenkevin5320 says:

    yeah!!i like IT!!

  24. Kevz916 says:

    I love this Video!.. Thank you!

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