Introduction to Cloud Computing

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25 Responses to “Introduction to Cloud Computing”
  1. Juan Alvarez says:

    Ok I really like this class, but there is one thing I feel uncomfortable
    about, all this thing about virtualization and having all of our
    information in a cluster of computer servers own and checked out once in a
    while by only god knows who, don’t you think that using this system there
    is just no privacy at all?!

  2. erion jaho says:

    can users on cloud use programs like photoshop, autocad …streamed to
    their pc?

  3. BoxingHacker says:

    Man I love your tutorials. I wish you made tutorials in programming and
    database admin. Its soo clear and precise. I was getting tired of all these
    tutorial made by people who’s accent you cant understand or some guy in the
    basement who sounded like he was talking to himself. Or even worst one made
    with a guy using a vouce synthesizer app. Presentation is everything and
    yours is great !Great Job. Thanks

  4. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Amazing video .. great explanation

  5. Sandeep Sahu says:
  6. Aurimas Rimkevičius says:

    nice introduction

  7. Innovay says:

    Are you lazy to read?
    Watch this and get the idea about Cloud computing…
    Introduction to Cloud Computing

  8. Ching-Yi Chan says:


  9. Travis Land says:

    I love your tutorials. They’ve helped a ton with my class (Csci-A338) at
    IU. The only thing I dislike is that the audio in your videos won’t come
    through my right earbud…

  10. Izzy Logan says:

    I love your teaching style. Very iterative to drive the points home.

  11. Beverly Kim Sebastian says:

    Thank You. That was great. I have a much better understanding.

  12. Derar Bader says:

    Thank u Eli :) 

  13. brinda panchal says:

    Excellent seminar Eli – Kudos!

  14. Lokopi says:

    Hey Eli thnks for video bro i just need 1 more help if u cud… please
    tell me how to hack FB account i wanna hack my X-G.F. account. 

  15. Apocalypse Cow says:

    Beautiful! I love it.

  16. Tanvi Gaikwad says:


  17. Maneesh Kumar Muralidhar says:

    Very informative, Explains concepts in a very simplistic manner

  18. Osamah Saleh says:

    You just do not know how much this course has helped me understand! You

  19. E MdO says:

    Crowley’s beard approves of this video.

  20. John Guma Bondia says:

    Great video and excellent presentation. Congratulations

  21. ROHIT GUPTA says:

    loved the way presented wid a lil flavor of humor 

  22. Johnny Sewell says:

    Good job Eli. Does one of your videos talk about Microsoft Server 2012
    with Office 365, Exchange and would you also need / want Terminal Server?

  23. Abhishek Srivastava says:

    Very good explanation and presentation..
    I have a few queries:
    1. As the number of users, h/w scaling and/or softwares increase, the usage
    costs will also increase.. So does it mean for such scenarions, the classic
    hosting is better?
    2. Do you have a video on metering? This is in reference to the costs you
    had to pay on EDGE servers..


  24. Dominik Dziurzyński says:

    Excellent teaching Eli! It’s really useful and clear for me :) But one
    thing that was not specifically clear was the security in cloud computing.
    Apparently it seems that we are at the mercy of the companies hosting the
    cloud in case of public cloud. Cloud computing has increasingly awaken our
    awareness when it comes to storage data, what we need to do is to expound
    more on the technology itself and find other ways to make use of it more
    effectively. I’m working now with ComZetta. and I know data loss in my
    company carries a risk nobody can afford now. Of course, specialized
    commercial services can be performed to recover data from severely damaged
    media, but the consequences of having your data stolen or released to an
    untrusted environment are often irreversible. I think they are representing
    really responsibile way of thinking when it takes the safety of the data.

  25. Azka Saman says:

    wat all basic programming languge/concept I should know to learn cloud

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