iPhone Apps Development

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25 Responses to “iPhone Apps Development”
  1. Meilani MacDonald says:

    great series. will have to make time to watch and see if I can tolerate
    learning to build ipad/iphone apps. probably not, since it involves coding.

  2. Jack Mitchell Fulton says:


  3. Abdulrahman Jami says:

    there is 8 lessons in this mini series !!
    & I love it <3 ..

  4. parker drace says:


  5. SuperAugenAuf says:

    great! i used snappii web service for my iphone apps

  6. SajjMan says:

    I wish you knew how to use quotation marks.

  7. Mihir Ranade says:

    Is this working on windows?

  8. Tyson Crosby says:


  9. Cup Cake Baby says:


  10. Belmior says:

    You can develop with windows. All you need is a development suite that can
    do it marmalade or something similar

  11. Tom Nicklin says:

    I am aware of that hence his indian accent

  12. Max Pilgrim says:

    Nice tutorial!!! thx!! :) 10/10!!

  13. ProductionJack says:

    when I turn my volume down he sounds English… when I turn it up he sounds
    Indian! xD Awesome!

  14. untouchableTRAMP says:

    ermmm…maybe because Macintosh is Apple and iOs is Apple…

  15. Adventure IQ says:

    Really? How many languages do you speak 100% fluent?

  16. MalamuteBewondert says:

    Damn Windows.. -_-‘

  17. Tom Nicklin says:

    aaah, well good luck on your project

  18. vigilhammer says:

    Fuck off from this page then.

  19. Tom Nicklin says:

    I know he says at the start that you can only code using a mac but is there
    any way around it. some form a plugin? any help welcome

  20. edgar cabrera says:

    can u use linux ?

  21. Edwin824 says:

    I found a place to get source codes for app development in Kickstarter. Its
    called Apps Amuck. I don’t know if you guys have heard of it before. May be

  22. ComputerBunnyMath123 says:

    You cannot legally run Mac OS X on a windows machine, and Xcode is NOT a
    dev suite.

  23. Khalid says:

    Guys lissen to what he has to say, stop judging him on his accent, he is a
    technical person and sharing is knowledge,, be thankful to him at least.

  24. NeilFX says:


  25. dmsdrums0326 says:

    So how does one become a devil upper?

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