Is Information Systems a Good Major?

Is Information Systems a Good Major?

What is computer information systems? What is management information systems? The difference between computer science & computer information systems? What do…
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Video one in a series of support videos for National 4/5 Computing Science course in Scotland. This video introduces the concept of an Information System for…

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46 Responses to “Is Information Systems a Good Major?”
  1. yungboi says:

    Can you do a vid about outsourcing in STEM fields?

  2. Malou Malou says:

    nice LoL reference , you main naut? 

  3. pengwah_ says:

    thanks for the vid. this may seem weird as shit but what backpack do you
    recommend for college? not sure if it matters but it’d be cool to get an
    idea. currently looking for new backpack for college

  4. EngineeredTruth says:

    Information Systems. Post a video idea if you want to see something :]

  5. Ibeonit says:

    so your 30 yr old bro? good knowledge

  6. ObeyHipHop says:

    can you do one on MET?

  7. wabdih says:

    He’s right. I’m doing a degree similar to Information Systems and I am
    going into my final year. The program doesn’t go too deep into any area of
    IS (databases,programming,agile development
    techniques,management,networking, etc.). I believe that its the students
    responsibility to understand them all, and then specialize in one of them.
    Since I am interested in programming, that’s what I am learning on the

  8. Alex Yi says:

    how promising is a degree in information systems currently (in your

  9. Peter Vuong says:

    Can you do an in-depth video on accounting vs finance as a major and the
    job prospects, etc.?

  10. Lately says:

    Bro your channel is easily becoming one of my favorites. So underrated,
    keep it up

  11. salmaan wadani says:

    Can you make video about how you be come mechanical engeneering ,and how
    long it takes to be come machanical engeneering 

  12. Erica V says:

    :) Quick question, Enterprise information systems the same thing right? The
    university i plan to transfer didn’t have management information systems.
    It only had Enterprise Information systems. I was confused because I never
    seen it listed that way before.

  13. Travis Turck says:

    Current unemployment for people in this field is 14.7%. Not a good degree.

  14. Komari Herring says:

    can you do an updated video on the oil industry? preferably petroleum
    engineering & petroleum geology 

  15. tenzin choper says:

    nice information about CIS, i watched it twice lol

  16. Kat D says:

    Hello welcome to helpdesk my name Gupta Chaparadityahahas. Wat is problems?

  17. Tom k says:

    Go into computer science its the pinnacle of IT. The CS major is what most
    jobs in IT desire

  18. Isabella Garcia says:

    Dude, do one on Musical Theatre and/or double major

  19. DigitalChaoS says:

    Hey, I needed some advice man. Do you have an email address or something i
    can contact you with please..? I could really use the help. I love your
    videos they are great!!!

  20. ZuoCruz says:

    It was freakin’ hot in SF m8. Been hot and sunny all week long

  21. Miss Judy says:

    It’s 104 degrees here in the valley D:

  22. Jose Alberto says:

    I live in northern cali and I have an A+ and just a MTA cert from Microsoft
    and no degree (yet) and I get a job offer almost every week it’s not a bad
    Information systems is very broad and there are many many different types
    of jobs you can’t do them all (too much too learn) but choose your
    thanks for the video in explaining the differences.

  23. Cedric Titus says:

    Great job!
    This is my major…..Thank You!

  24. Giovanni Cervantes says:

    Hey, Man, Can You PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Make A Video About Environmental
    Engineering? I Am In High School, And I Am VERY Interested In Environmental

  25. Jack Broughton says:

    I want to be an engineer but i cant decide between civil or mechanical
    engineer. What would you say is better?

  26. Charlie Love says:

    Video 1 of a series on Information Systems for Nat4/5 Comp Sci #cfe

  27. peter hayek says:

    nicely done simple and comprehensible

  28. Olga Rojas says:

    Very nice for my class….thanks!

  29. russell eisma says:


  30. Ash2212y says:


  31. احمد الجابري says:

    Introduction to Information Systems

  32. medrick santavicca says:

    Thank you!
    This cleared up a lot 

  33. Kathryn Brock says:

    Thank you, I needed this info for a class. :)

  34. Amal Bukhari says:

    What is an Information System ?

  35. Victor Wilson says:

    Great appreciation for a video

  36. thornton shabalabadingdong says:

    your videos are so helpfull and easy to understand thanks man

  37. KronikSkateboarding says:

    Thanks alot man! great video.

  38. blackmoresnight says:

    I think they are the same thing

  39. widjonarko roestam says:

    I do appreciate for this video, straight forward and comprehensive
    infomation. Thanks a lot

  40. Jamaicah Seguisa says:

    thank you for this :)

  41. Wafi Albalawi says:

    i like this video clip…simple but informative! Thanks

  42. Patrick Nolye says:

    Thanks for this video,, really helpful to me…

  43. Aisha Cargile says:

    Great explanation. Thanks!

  44. ashraf badawood says:


  45. 1SMARTdesire says:

    Thank you Charlie for sharing this. it helped me. I’ve been looking for how
    best to break down the definition of information systems.

  46. Rollbaa says:

    ty for putting all these in simple and understandable way

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