Is there an actual college course in Game Testing?

Question by SX QX7: Is there an actual college course in Game Testing?
I want to apply for online college for atleast 1 month but i need to know if there’s a course for gametesting soo i can have alittle experience under my belt and if not,ill just do music. IF there is a course can somebody direct me? if not then it’s understandable

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Answer by eri
I really doubt it. Certainly no accredited college offers that, but probably some for-profit would love to take your money to teach you that. But game testers don’t really need any experience. It’s not typically something that pays more than minimum wage, and it’s pretty mind-numbing.

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2 Responses to “Is there an actual college course in Game Testing?”
  1. Emily M says:

    The class is called “Software Quality Assurance” and would teach you about how to test software (in general, not just games) to be sure that the software performs as it should.

    Game testing is not a fun as it sounds.

  2. Rick says:

    Nope, no such a thing.

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