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The Pentagon Accelerates Move to Cloud Computing
However, the largest potential consumer of cloud computing services in the U.S. government has also been the most deliberate in ensuring the security of every bit of data that moves to the cloud. Indeed, security has been a point of friction between …
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Roundup Of Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2015
Centaur Partners and other firms mentioned in this roundup are seeing more enterprise-size deals for cloud computing infrastructure and applications. While each of these consultancies and research firms have varying forecasts for the next few years, …
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A matter of trust: The importance of backups in cloud computing
Strong security is a foundational element of every public, private and hybrid cloud implementation and will be a top concern for all businesses as part of a macro trend taking grip in 2015. Research shows that 90 percent of the world's data has been …
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Cloud Computing Arrangements May be too Evolving for FASB's Short Term
Some companies are saying the Financial Accounting Standards Board's proposal on customer's accounting for fees paid in cloud computing arrangements shouldn't be tackled via its simplification initiative. FASB's simplification initiative is aimed at …
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