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A Short History Lesson on Patent Policy
For 225 years, the U.S. patent system has been one of the crown jewels of American economic policy, providing incentives for the commitment of time and money to create the next generation of technology. The Patent … Although a few startups, such as …

NetApp looks to recover amid sales decline, management shakeup
NetApp's woes are just the latest example of how the shift to cloud computing is impacting the fortunes of Triangle technology companies. Some companies, such as … Chairman and CEO Tom Georgens departed the company less than two weeks after it issued …
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The Humans Who Dream Of Companies That Won't Need Us
Imagine your favorite Internet business—but without the "inefficient" intermediaries who take a slice of the pie. That is to say: humans. …. "A designer in Brazil can build a lovely mobile app that sends your ride request to a matching engine based …
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