Part 1 of 2: Misha Mansoor’s Drum Programming Tips

In this two part series, I go over some tips and tricks on how I go about programming drums. This video covers some basic fundamentals, while Part 2 will go …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Part 1 of 2: Misha Mansoor’s Drum Programming Tips”
  1. Cheo Samad says:

    If anyone owns both the Metal Machinery expansion and the Metal Foundry
    Expansion for superior drummer would you recommend getting both or just one
    or the other? 

  2. Airtrooper719 XBL says:

    Hey Misha, nice video tutorial and some awesome tips there. Question, can
    you play drums yourself to the same level as the beats you program? Just I
    want to get into songwriting prog metal, I only play guitar/bass and I’ve
    never played anything more than a simple 4/4 beat on a real drumkit, so my
    knowlege of metal beats is pretty obscure. If your answer is no, then its
    great to see you don’t need to be a drummer to still get creative with the
    drums which is inspiring for me to start my solo project.

  3. Swiggles1987 says:

    Thanks so much for doing this, I think last video myself and many people
    requested this. Can’t wait for Part 2, and to use all this new info!

  4. EthanMayFilms says:

    “I don’t want anything that’s a complete pain in the ass for a drummer to
    Basically the entire first album from Animals as Leaders is a pain in the
    ass to play, but a really really awesome pain in the ass.

  5. Dave Russell says:

    Will you possibly do a video discussing your drum sound?

  6. Demonbane41276 says:

    awesome vid, I’m just starting out in this and this has been one of the
    most instructional videos I have watched, sub’d. 

  7. Brandon Richardson says:

    Love the outro song. So fucking sick.

  8. megatronsass999 says:

    The shuffle groove example sounds like the intro drums to Epiphany by
    Intervals :P

  9. Jon Turner says:

    Really useful. Thanks for posting.

    I *LOVE* your desk/setup! Lots of ‘levels’, easy access to keys, plectrums.
    You should do a video walkthrough of your gear! :-) 

  10. DissolvedNeo says:

    Hey Misha!! Could you put up a video on mixing and getting tones?!

  11. DewdropEcho says:

    Hey Misha! Hello from Spain
    I’m starting to program drums with supperior, and I actually have a cool
    sound. The only thing I would do is putting some reverb to my snare. I
    tried it for a long time, but it seems impossible to me. Could you do a
    tutorial of how to do this? I use cubase 5, and I really would appreciate it
    Thank you!

  12. Rob Cartwright says:

    For people who don’t know anything about drums: you could also just make
    friends with a drummer who has recording equipment and would likely track
    worthwhile songs for fun.

  13. Маркиз Де Сад says:

    Isn’t it better to bounce each drum to audio track and EQ each one
    separately or add some reverb for instance to a snare?

  14. oriondrums2 says:

    I REALLY hope the music at the end and the beginning is on Juggernaut.

  15. wseeback says:

    Misha, man, you’re a natural at this shit. Explaining things, walkthroughs
    ect. You have a pleasant speaking voice, and a nice, calm demeanor. And you
    don’t act as if you’re a know-it-all. We appreciate it. 

  16. furiousmat says:

    I think the only thing I don’t like about composing a whole set of drum
    tracks on a beta box is that then you can have a very hard time finding
    anyone who can manage to play it for real.. So for making music for fun
    it’s great but if you start working hours and hours to come up with great
    tracks for your next band rehearsal you may end up with some bad surprise
    especially if you aren’t a drum player yourself.

    I personnaly would prefer using it only to keep track of beats that I’ve
    come up with directly on the drum so that I can come back and remember what
    I did a couple weeks ago.

  17. StaticShootTV says:

    thats cubase 6 or 7 ?

  18. Synapsis says:

    can someone please direct me towards some decent packs for REAL
    DRUMS….ive gone thru probably ten packs now and all the packs just sound
    either too digital or under rendered (just recorded a too low of a bitrate)

  19. Kasper Bond says:

    Can i buy some of Toontracks drum kits/packs like Metalheads or Drumkit
    From Hell and use them in Cubase without having EZ Drummer?

    If so, how do i do that?

  20. Fra Gad says:

    What’s the name of the drum plugin you’re using?

  21. Marcos Cerutti says:

    man, your videos are damn cool!

  22. clintusmaximus says:

    Misha, I noticed that I didnt see in the mixer if your dumping your SD2 out
    into seperate aux trax or just running it from one stereo track and 2nd (i
    run pro tools, and considering getting cubase) whats the R Samples you
    briefly explained?

  23. Nicholas Sergiacomi says:

    what program is this? and is it compatible with logic pro X??? 

  24. Jack Cowley says:

    This is amazing! Extremely helpful!

  25. redcruciblesword says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to alter the tempo of the stock grooves
    in addictive drums?

  26. rickochey says:

    to damn complicated. Bring back the Dr Rhythm 550. I am teaching music

  27. Tom Thumb says:

    My hi hats are always going in sync with a fill. John Bonham style bro.

  28. bakeher says:

    Does it not show the dots filling in on the screen for when you play the
    hi-hats and the toms(beginning of your intro)

  29. Corey Cavalier says:

    Even drummers have told me to listen to other drummers, particularly on
    commercial recordings. Study the format that the consumer is accustomed to.
    I have been programming drums for years and am just now starting to see the
    importance of this paradigm.

  30. Fraser Island says:

    Thank you for your tips! That helped me a lot with my Dr670. Go on with
    that- your way of teaching is also very sympathic.

  31. Jonathan Maddix says:

    nice, I am buying one for home recording.

  32. danceofthedruids says:

    David! Great tips … your videos and DVDs rock!

  33. Jeri T. Ali says:

    i don’t think that presets can be tuned unless if you’re using soundfonts
    or something.

  34. Greg Gibbons says:

    This guy is a dick…His way of thinking is so limited!!Synthesis and
    electronic music in general is about messing about with sounds and finding
    what you think sounds good not what some dick with a shit haircut like this
    guy says is good..Please don’t follow these videos for the sake of good

  35. Greg Gibbons says:

    @Arbo3000 Hey I’m just telling it how it is!!

  36. OscillatorCollective says:


  37. Rahul Kumar says:

    how to tune the snare in this? cause i din like that snare sound!

  38. ElegyForTheMasses says:

    @LittleEmoBoy001 Yes

  39. Crip Davis says:

    Excellent lesson, thank you.

  40. deemullins1 says:

    @psalmist69 if u create them in “user” patterns, which I believe is 200s
    then it auto saves, just remember that pattern #. Songs as well save

  41. guitarslf132 says:

    Can u program a tempo change ???

  42. joe123gamer123 says:

    the 880 pwns this

  43. deemullins1 says:

    @guitarslf132 Yes, that’s what I do with mine, I record whole songs, fills,
    stops, I can even do cymbal grabs, all can get very compicated but once
    finished it’s awesome to sit and just hit play and be able to play and have
    all your fills and everything come in as youre playin, and adding in bass
    guitar with it is even better.

  44. Vangelis V says:

    This drum machine is better sounding than even the DR-880 and is small to
    put in your coat pocket, the BIGGEST screwup for ROLAND on this is NO
    MEMORY on the TEMPO when you change pattern, that SUCKS! I wish there was
    an upgrade :(

  45. LittleEmoBoy001 says:

    does this have midi out?

  46. Fraser Island says:

    @lisbonlion1967 you have a small horizon, mr. synthesis.

  47. guitarslf132 says:

    my buttons 13 9 11 and 15 dont respond

  48. olliesongs says:

    Hey…clever clogs….what about Allman Bros, Doobie Bros….Genesis and
    others who have TWO drummers, one who might have his hi hat going while the
    other adds a tom roll. I suggest you listen to rich rhythm drummers like
    matey in Los Lonely Boys and other trios where the drummer is BUSY.

  49. guitarslf132 says:

    can someone please tell me how to take out the high hat after ive recorded
    it like he sais but doesnt demonstate?

  50. Rahul Kumar says:

    hahah…but this lill box is superb

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