Q&A: Any tips for a beginner guinea pig owner? Or cute stories?

Question by gυιиєαριgѕgαℓσяє!=): Any tips for a beginner guinea pig owner? Or cute stories?
I know most things like care but any secrets or cute stories would be nice :) thx i’m gettin 2 piggies soon!! (cuz their happier in groups!) 😉

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Answer by Jaclyn
oh i hae a guineapig use to have 2…
the one i have now she is almost 5 and she has like this really big cage its like made from like these square gates connected.
she likes fruits and vegatables.
she purrs alot

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  1. Sarah White says:

    ok i had a guinea pig and she was adorable i let her roam in my closet so she had more room to play,she was really happy they love when you give them treats and sometimes they pur! everyday give them some lettuce and carrots and they love califlower so a plate of vegtables they will enjoy,i gave her a plate in the morning and one at 4 oclock make sure you call a groomer to get the nails done dont do it your self cause they have veins in they’re toes and if you cut it they wont stop bleeding,they are very messy so keep the invirorment very clean and fresh water about every 6 days or so! i hope you have a fun time with them they are cute as can be!

  2. kristinabee says:

    My guinea pigs make the cutest noise when they get timothy hay. I also learned that when they are cold they will chatter their teeth, so listen for that because they could get too cold and die.

  3. Breanna says:

    Umm the only advice I can think of is make sure they have vitamin c 2 prevent scurvy. This can be obtained through fresh veggies and fruit, tablets that can be found at pet stores, and in guine pig food.

    I use fleece as bedding I woke up 1 morning to check on my piggie and he was under the fleece sound asleep. He looked so cute.

  4. Tam says:

    Hmm, I have advice. (:
    Since you said you already studied, please bear with me if I say something you already know.
    You don’t want to put vita drops in their water. They will probably not like this very much, and will refuse to drink their water.
    Guinea pigs are incredibly vocal and enthusiastic animals, and can be sometimes really hard to understand.
    That’s a really great video a very intelligent person on Yahoo! Answers made on how to do the “towel trick”. The towel trick is a great way to tame and befriend Guinea Pigs; they like it. You do it for one-two hours a day for two weeks, and they will become very interactive with you. (: It’s the most effective way. They love it, and it calms them down, however it may take a while for them to get use to it.
    That’s a video of a Guinea Pig “popcorning”. When they jump in the air like that, it means they are excited and really happy.
    I’m sure you know by now, but never use Ceder, Pine, or newspaper bedding. All three of these are toxic and dangerous for any small animal. I use Carefresh and Aspen bedding for my gerbils and rabbits; They are both the safest types of bedding out there. Aspen is more for out door use due to the fact of it’s very bad odor control (most brands don’t use odor control in it because it’s all natural bedding.) and Carefresh uses limited odor control that is REALLY effective. The odor control in Carefresh is not dangerous.

    Hmm, blah blah blah, no plastic, you’ve probably heard the speech. :3 Uh. A lot of owners will say no to two story cages because it can hurt their spine, and they’re usually too afraid to climb up there. Large one story cages are best when dealing with Guinea Pigs.
    These are great cages:
    http://www.mgpr.org/mgpr/GuineaPigCage.jpg (That’s a C&C cage. Most Guinea Pig owners will say those are the BEST Guinea Pig cages an owner can buy.
    That’s a pretty decent pig cage too, I suppose. But if you get a cage that small, they need to be out to exercise a lot.

    Obviously no wheels or balls like this: http://livefitblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/latestexerciseballworkoutcraze.jpg
    for Guinea Pigs because it can really hurt their backs.

    There’s the wiki for Cavies. (: It’s really interesting.
    Good luck! I hope they both live long and healthy lives.

    P.s. Many people put Rabbits and Guinea Pigs together, however that’s a dangerous mistake. Rabbits quickly get annoyed with Guinea Pigs, and will kick back with annoyance; This would normally not harm another rabbit and is meant as a warning, but this warning is enough to snap Guinea Pigs’ backs.
    Rabbits also tend to carry respiratory diseases like Bordetella and Pasteurella that can kill a Guinea Pig. Rabbits are much more durable. A dwarf or kitten rabbit has much more strength than an average Guinea Pig. (:

  5. ♥ι dσи'т вιтε♥ says:

    when my guinea pigs are out for floor time my guinea pig follows me around and then my other guinea pig follows her its so cute!

    okay this is what i would suggest, don’t buy your guinea pigs from petco/petsmart, there animals come from horrific breeding mills spread across the country and the animals are in poor condition from the brutal care. i would suggest going to petfinder.com and searching your area and guinea pigs, and you will find results of guinea pigs that need homes.

  6. naomi says:

    Please email me at 09-hope@att.net with any guinea pig questions you have, I love to help. And I would love to just plain chat with you.

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