Reason 4.0 tips??

Question by JR: Reason 4.0 tips??
I have Reason 4.0 and I have an M-Audio 29 key midi controller. I’ve made about 12 or so beats with Reason now and Im getting good at using it, but i just need to know how to use the synthesizers to make my own sounds. Does anyone know how to do that, or know of any videos on youtube with links that can help me with this. Also, is there a way to get more sounds for reason for free, like off a website or something. thanks

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Answer by sonicfunctionalist
For YouTubes search “Reason Tips and Tricks”. Optronix has a series of videos that have taught me tons.

If you want more sounds reason has “Refills” which are collections of programmed synth patches. If you have a legit version you can go to and download a lot for free, and some for sale

If you don’t there are great reason communities that have free refills.

Hope those keep you busy and good luck.

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