Apps and Website Development

We custom design and develop apps and mobile-ready websites to run on both Apple and Android devices.

Mobile is the new frontier in marketing and being the visionary that you are, you want to implement a mobile marketing plan to carry your business forward. Deercreek Consultants is here to partner and guide you towards your goal.

Consider these statistics:

  • 1 in 3 local searches are on a Mobile phone
  • The average consumer is only in front of their computer about 2.5 hours a day, yet they always have a mobile phone with them, 24/7 and virtually never turn it off
  • There are more Mobile phones on the planet than automobiles, TVs, computers or credit cards.
  • 53% of people use their mobile phones for up to an hour while shopping
  • 57% of people report that they want to receive Mobile Coupons on their phone
  • One of the fastest growing trends for driving local traffic is 100% Mobile: it's called "Location-Based services" (It's GPS based) and includes Location-based Social Media.
  • In fact, one in four U.S. adults currently use mobile location based services. The primary use reported is to “locate nearby points of interest, shops or services.”
  • Over 88% of all Mobile users have a TEXT enabled phone
  • In the age group 14-42, over 80% of these people use TEXT MESSAGING
  • And unlike email, TEXT MESSAGES have a 95% open rate within 30 minutes, which means your customers SEE your message and they SEE it in a timely fashion – when you send it (and while you are still open)

We provide the following services:

  • Text messaging campaigns
  • Opt-in list building campaigns
  • 2D or QR barcodes
  • Location based marketing
  • Mobile Social Venue Page (Location-based)
  • Mobile coupons
  • Mobile optimized websites set-up and maintenance
  • Mobile Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Click-to-call campaigns
  • Strategy and System for collecting & posting Happy Customer Reviews
  • SEO magic for both your PC site and Mobile site
  • Put your business on FourSquare, OnStar, TomTom, Google Maps
  • and more

We have seen the future … and the future is in Mobile!

Embrace the new mobile-powered, social-networked, internet marketing strategies …

Contact Deercreek Consultants today for a free consultation!

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