Software QA Testing Training Tutorials for beginners

Software QA Testing Training Tutorials for beginners: Submit your Contact details for Free Demo… ( Quality Assurance in Softwar…
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QA Part 1: The Excitement of being a Software Quality Assurance Engineer

What’s it REALLY like being a QA engineer? In this exciting video, you will find out.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Software QA Testing Training Tutorials for beginners”
  1. Visitha Galhena says:

    Did it well & Thanks. But difficult to find second video.

  2. Sajitha Rathnayake says:

    I’m Impressed. Actually its good for beginers. Thanks

  3. Satya Velidand says:

    Thanks and very useful information.

  4. Ashok A says:

    Very Use full Information………..
    Thanks a lot H2k Infosys

  5. Suman Iddarammayilatho says:

    Excellent Tutorial thanks a lot madam……

  6. Kalyan Krishna says:

    i under stande very well ur classes mam thank u sooooooooooooooooo much

  7. james ghosley says:

    Wow Really Awesome Information……I like it…..Thanks H2kInfosys…

  8. Kalyan Krishna says:

    mam i am kalyan i was prepared basics of testing QUALITY,SOFTWARE
    TESTING,WHY TESTING IS DONE, ROLE OF TESTER another topic is types of soft
    wares WINDOWS BASED ,WEB BASED , another topic types of testing STATIC
    ,DYNAMIC TESTING , another topic is phases and models WATER FALL,V-MODEL
    ,SRERAL MODEL,AGILE, AGILE SCRUM MODELS . mam it’s enough r learn to some
    one mam plz rply me k

  9. Prathap Bv says:

    Priya u r awesome trainer….

    And I want to see the video of complete manual testing… when search in
    YouTube I m not getting it, please help to find out the complete manual
    testing session

  10. Praveen Thilak says:


  11. Pandu Chimata says:


  12. Web-Design-Cape-Town says:

    Great upload thanks

  13. welcome popuri says:

    your way of explanation is awesome.what kind of courses you teach? whats
    your name please..

  14. Betsie Potasz says:

    Priya is amazing. Very patient and VERY clear in explaining testing.

  15. mizanheera says:

    Thank you sister, you r so clear to make understand.

  16. tm5344 says:

    You need a vacation…

  17. Aman Singh says:

    what would be some good “soapui” interview questions?

  18. rgranville57 says:

    I wanna be a QA engineer when I grow up!

  19. MoDwight120 says:

    Hip, hip, hooray engineers!!

  20. Steph Beach says:

    I do need a vacation. Still have not got one after all these years. But ho
    boy have I killed some Code 😀

  21. Alexis says:

    anything comes with the development and design of the system, they are
    called Engineers, Engineer – A person who designs, builds, or maintains,
    test, engines, systems, machines, or public works.

  22. isyaha says:

    HAHAHAHA Thanks for sharing … i am QA as well HAHAHAH

  23. Steph Beach says:

    For Hall0ween138: You do realize that this is a joke, right? (Some QA
    people have NO sense of humor! LOL) What qualifies me is that I have a 3.5
    GPA Computer Science degree and have been working with Computers as a
    Software Engineer and Quality Engineer since 1980. I create the Quality
    departments for start-up companies. 😀

  24. Kolisar says:

    LoL!!!! Quality Assurance ROCKS!!!!

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