Software Testing Tutorial: Test Planning and Test Documentation – 1/7

Software Testing Tutorial: Test Planning and Test Documentation - 1/7

We teach Software QA Testing to career changers @ Portnov Computer School ( Internships are provided to on-campus students.

QA Manual Testing Training - Software TestingLife Cycle , Creating Test cases , levels of Testing

Purchase all QA Manual videos taught by Mrs.Vineela here : ” ” 1. STLC – Software Testing Life cycle 2. …
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35 Responses to “Software Testing Tutorial: Test Planning and Test Documentation – 1/7”
  1. Laura V says:

    can you find a job to work from home when you finish school?

  2. Don Wagner says:

    “What do you think is a software testing, what it is?”

  3. Nancy Bush says:

    For which model is that ? V Model? Thank u

  4. Nancy Bush says:

    Best I found for Manual. Thank u 

  5. Jokaire says:

    The generic subtitles are funny ;)))

  6. Alan Costa says:

    Good video, thank you very much. It helped me with my project!

  7. Rogerio da Silva says:

    Good lecture.

  8. Jackob16942 says:

    I am in class 10/30/13 class and love this GREAT instructor. Amzing

  9. Jackob16942 says:

    I am in class 10/30/13 class and love this GREAT instructorI . Iana is a

  10. Uma Chavan says:


  11. Buthul Farzana says:

    she is amazing i like her teaching. i want complete manual testing. bcz i
    can easily understand what she teaches

  12. natalia kovtun says:

    I’m sorry I found subtitles.

  13. arkedysvidrigailov says:

    Thumbs up, for a great instructor. =)

  14. Vitalii Vitalii says:

    Nice lesson

  15. samir khanna says:

    really impressed with the presentation. where can i follow the rest of the

  16. natalia kovtun says:

    нужна субтитры. потому что тем, у кого нет хорошего языка , было бы лучше
    еще и читать….

  17. supreeth R says:

    nice training mam…..:)

  18. metalbox Bizu says:

    She is Good, I took my first class last week! she made it everything so

  19. Ayaz Fahri says:

    She is one the best instructor (:

  20. 660630989 says:

    for those who dislike it they are simply mean or they don’t want it to
    think out of there small box :-)

  21. Bradley Winter says:

    When teachers reflect on their professional past it helps 100x IMHO. Great
    video, thank you!

  22. Sirisha Mantravadi says:

    Nice to know the things and she has very good teaching skills.

  23. pozypozydon says:

    plz plz plz ask her to do more tutorials coz i can easily understand what
    she teaches .Plz pLZ plz …

  24. portnovschool says:

    I agree – Iana is amazing!!!

  25. Dora Mora says:

    good info about QA testing ! thank you

  26. Vineela OnlineQATrainings says:

    Please register for QA / Software Testing Online Training Demo Session on
    Apr 10, 2014 7:00 PM CDT / 8 PM EST at:
    In this webinar Vineela will walk through the QA field & per-requisites to
    take up QA field , QA roles & responsibilities etc
    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing
    information about joining the webinar.

  27. Lakshmi Prasanna says:

    can we change test plan in the middle, if a new feature is requested by the

  28. 74vg says:

    good one..thank you..

  29. Kiran Padre says:

    Thanks :)

  30. Naren Dharan says:

    Good One… Appreciate your efforts..

  31. veera babu says:

    veery useful

  32. wrooooom says:

    Thanks, it is really helpful especially for people who are new to testing.
    Very precise.

  33. Shaheen n says:

    Hi, how can I enroll to this course?

  34. konda Reddy says:

    can i get previous session please….!

  35. Mastan Mmr says:

    thanks madam can you upload qc

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