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How Software Development Can Build Trust Between People of Different Countries
Equally worthy of discussion is the changing nature of the marketplace itself, as new hotbeds of software development activity emerge around the world—and in the process, help build trusting relationships between people of different countries …
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Eyeing a Future in Which Software Development Is a Spectator Sport
If you look at Facebook and Google, they are not advertising companies, even though their business is entirely based on advertising. Just as Google's primary focus is its search engine, and Facebook is focused on its social network, CodeFights will be …
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Micro Focus delivers greater business transparency for agile software

Micro Focus delivers greater business transparency for agile software
Micro Focus announced today the general availability of Atlas™ 2.0, its latest business requirements and delivery platform. Agile Software delivery organizations are constantly inundated with changes and requests for next-generation products and …

Guidewire Software to Open New Development Centre in Krakow
LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Guidewire Software, Inc. (NYSE: GWRE), a provider of software products to general insurers, today announced the establishment of a new Regional Development Centre in Krakow to help the company further expand its global …
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User Experience: Reimagining Productivity and Business Value
Research shows that design-centric businesses that place more value on UX than their peers achieve productivity gains and higher equity valuations. But if solutions fall short, employees may turn to outside software — or “shadow IT” — that could …
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IBM Should Spin Off Its Legacy Business Of Installing Software And Consulting
A spin off would naturally call for a software design group specifically dealing with installed software to work with the stand-alone, software-installation sales team, potentially improving the quality of products and services. Spinning off IBM's …
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iPhone 7: 11 new features for business users | The Week UK
Designing a new iPhone is an irresistible challenge for many budding artists engineers. Sahanan Yogarasa's design is closer in shape to the current iPhone 6, but slimmer and sleeker. Others have been much …. With iOS 9, Apple is hoping to woo back …
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A Short History Lesson on Patent Policy
For 225 years, the U.S. patent system has been one of the crown jewels of American economic policy, providing incentives for the commitment of time and money to create the next generation of technology. The Patent … Although a few startups, such as …

NetApp looks to recover amid sales decline, management shakeup
NetApp's woes are just the latest example of how the shift to cloud computing is impacting the fortunes of Triangle technology companies. Some companies, such as … Chairman and CEO Tom Georgens departed the company less than two weeks after it issued …
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The Humans Who Dream Of Companies That Won't Need Us
Imagine your favorite Internet business—but without the "inefficient" intermediaries who take a slice of the pie. That is to say: humans. …. "A designer in Brazil can build a lovely mobile app that sends your ride request to a matching engine based …
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SONET networking special interest group home. We have SONET tutorials, metro ethernet tutorials,DWDM, optical networking,turning up and troubleshooting sonet…
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CloudTree Business Software Development

CloudTree   Business Software Development

cloudtree – Easy, customisable, business database software, database design, and database development.
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The impact of video games on business software design

One of the software developers at Widen Enterprises, a digital asset management software company, talks about video games as a source of inspiration for crea…
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The Consumerization of Software Development in Business

The Consumerization of Software Development in Business
When compared to the progress in digital media and consumer software, some of the applications used to power the world's biggest companies look as if they are stuck in 1990. Yet this is no longer the case thanks to the growth in expectations from …
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Anahata Software Company offers services Chestnut from Melbourne
Anahatas preferred delivery approach is an iterative, agile, customer centric software development process where business analysts and developers work with the customers to gather requirements and an understanding of the current business processes, …
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OpenX Launches Mobile Software Development Kit for Video Advertising
LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology, today announced the release of a software development kit (SDK) for iOS and Android developers seeking a simple way to …
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Business Flyer Template?

Question by armenharoutunian: Business Flyer Template?
what is a good software to use to create a brochure other than word? And if word is the best where can I find some templates for flyers and all?

Best answer:

Answer by endorphin_boy415
If you search online, you will find a number of design templates that you can download.

Other templates are also available online, but require that you print your designs with a specific printer.

You can certainly “design” fliers and brochures in Word, but bear in mind that Word is not a design program, per se. You would be better off using a legitimate design software program such as Quark or Creative Suite. Both are Adobe products and can be used on either a Mac or PC.

If money is an issue for you and you decide to search on Google for free templates, you might try using the following search parameters:

“free downloadable brochure templates””downloadable templates for business use” “free design templates for small businesses.” I’m sure some combination of free, downloadable and templates will yield you some results worth considering.

Good luck.

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Q&A: Software Engineering or Business Administration?

Question by Bibi: Software Engineering or Business Administration?
Which one is better as a career out there?

I’m a female, by the way. Software E. sounds more like a guy’s job, but the money is so good I want to go for it.

Best answer:

Answer by cheri h
software engineering

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