Ministry of Health launches online booking service 'The Record' on smart

Ministry of Health launches online booking service 'The Record' on smart
The move is in line with the federal government's vision to transform into e-government and the ministry's strategy to upgrade working systems, develop health facilities and ensure accessibility for all people. The online … Ali Juma Al Ajme, director …

Army chief information officer announces long-term network strategy, 2025-2040
"Shaping the Army Network: 2025-2040 provides the long-term strategic direction for Army enterprise network modernization within the context of the Army Operating Concept," Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell, the Army's chief information officer/G-6, writes in …
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VA plans major cloud procurement for FY16
With a handful of questions to industry, the Department of Veterans Affairs signaled an upcoming shift to the cloud as part of CIO LaVerne Council's "buy first" strategy. In an April 4 request for information posted on FedBizOpps, VA officials said …

Why Britain's Prevent Strategy isn't working: A new approach to radicalization
In the 'Information Age' of today, the internet has been deployed highly effectively by ISIS for the publication of propaganda, communication and radicalization. Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have all been utilized effectively by political …
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Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!

Question by baserunner316: Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!
this is right from the news which you can check in yahoo. Is this REALLY what you want to lead america????????? When we allow big business to provide million dollar parachutes to screw up ceos why can’t health care be paid for with the profits of BIG BUSINESS? Trust funds?? Stock dividends??? Can any of you still buy that ” im a friend of the middle and lower class” crap of hers? Who do you think this plan is going to hurt? the same people it’s supposed to help!!! this is taxation without representation all over again! WAKE UP AMERICA!!
politician get their health care FREE! PLUS She and Bill are both MILLIONAIRES!! HOW does she get off deciding who can pay for what?? This is NOT going to help the middle and low classes!

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Answer by The First Dragon
Hmmm, you’ve got a good point there……. I think.
Garnishing wages seems a poor method for routine health care….
If people don’t want health insurance, why should they be forced to get it? Except for their minor children of course, unless they could afford any health care their children need.
But taking money from big corporations to buy health insurance for people who don’t even want it? That’s ridiculous.

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Q&A: Why do Republicans keep lying when they say the majority are against Obama’s health care reform bill?

Question by gitrdoneobama: Why do Republicans keep lying when they say the majority are against Obama’s health care reform bill?
Newsweek Poll Feb. 17-18, 2010.

“As you may know, Barack Obama has proposed a plan to change this country’s health care system. From what you have seen or heard about what he has proposed, what is your OVERALL opinion of Obama’s health care reform plan -� do you favor it or oppose it?”

40% Favor / 49% Oppose

“Now I’m going to read you some SPECIFIC proposals people have made to change the health care system. As I read each one, please tell me if you personally favor or oppose this change. Here’s the first/next proposal. . . .”

“Creating a new insurance marketplace �- the Exchange — that allows people without health insurance to compare plans and buy insurance at competitive rates” 81% Favor / 13% Oppose

“Requiring health insurance companies to cover anyone who applies, even if they have a pre-existing medical condition” 76% Favor / 19% Oppose

“Requiring most businesses to offer health insurance to their employees, with tax incentives for small business owners to do so” 75% Favor / 25% Oppose

“Requiring that all Americans have health insurance, with the government providing financial help to those who can’t afford it” 59% Favor / 36% Oppose

“Preventing insurance companies from dropping coverage when people are sick” 59% Favor / 38% Oppose

“Creating a government-administered public health insurance option to compete with private plans” 50% Favor / 42% Oppose

“Now please think about the proposals I just described to you. ALL of these proposals are included in Barack Obama’s health care reform plan. Having heard these details, what is your OVERALL opinion of Obama’s plan — do you favor it or oppose it?”

48% FAVOR / 43% OPPOSE

Americans do support the health care reform bill, after they have heard the details.
Okay, so what are people against in this bill then that would make vote against it?
Obviously they are not against the cost, because this bill will pay for itself and lower the deficit by 130 billion

98% of Americans will not see extra taxes

30 million more Americans will have access to health care

Hmm…I’m still waiting for an answer…
Only 1% of businesses will see an extra tax on top of that

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Answer by Womble4Life
Because they’re not lying.

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“Re-engineering access to global health care with mobile technology” Nahush Katti at TEDxCoMo

At the root of most developing countries’ dilemmas, agriculture and health care prove to be prime culprits for restraining their advancement. In this insight…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Health camp throws in tips on road safety in Dubai

Health camp throws in tips on road safety in Dubai
The health and safety awareness sessions covered Aster DM Healthcare's ongoing health and safety campaigns that focus on road safety tips, actions to be taken during critical emergency situations, basic life support and first-aid lessons. Workers were …
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Men acquire 'perfect style' at 37: Study
One in six men admitted they turn to friends for style guidance because they simply don't know where to start, while one in 11 looks to celebrities for style inspiration trusting they'll pick up fashion tips from the red carpet. “It seems style …
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Dubai Health Authority urges to drink water for all reasons
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently began a campaign across its hospitals and primary healthcare centres to educate people about the importance of consuming sufficient amounts of water per day and also tips to calculate how much of water is …
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