The Future of Android Development

Here at XDA, we love Android. We love our Android Apps. We love the developers that create awesome, apps, hacks, ROMs and kernels for our Android. However, t…
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Get the Code: In this part of my Android Development Tutorial, I will build an Android user interface. I cover how to do numerous things:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “The Future of Android Development”
  1. Jayce Broda says:
  2. Francisco Chacon says:

    The future of Android development! #Android #AndroidDevelopment #XDA 

  3. Quesenek says:

    The issue I have found with the android market is there are tons of apps
    with good ideas and very poor execution. For example I can deal with ads
    but when people start adding in lives that you can pay for in a casual game
    that I only play when I’m on the toilet I’m likely not going to be playing
    much longer after I lose them. Let alone even think about buying more when
    the game is clearly developed to help me lose them quickly.
    From a consumer and a researching developer’s point of view if you have a
    good idea and execute it well your app will make you money otherwise your
    out of luck someone will copy your idea and do it better. Do your research
    and don’t make the same mistakes like apps have made.

  4. says:

    The Future of Android Development

  5. Romano Woodfolk says:

    The Future of Android Development

    Developers… Developers… Developers… Developers… Developers…
    Developers… Developers… Developers… Developers…
    Developers… Developers… Developers…
    Developers… Developers…

  6. Demeko Thomas says:

    Dude you can get any app or anything you wonna hack on 4shared or aptoide
    there amazing I get all my free apps or content there

  7. Justin Fisher says:

    What we need is a third party retailer who can purchase the app from the
    Play Store on your behalf. You purchase using PayPal and the third party
    retailer provides Google’s revenue in whatever way Google has established
    for them. I should also mention that many developers already accept PayPal
    on their own websites.

  8. david buda says:

    Did someone say greedy? Who the hell goes into app development to be rich?
    I assume you are a kid who hasn’t left home yet.

  9. Juan Ponce says:

    Take a look of Linux. Apple products are too restricted. Just a simple
    opinion of mine.

  10. Davinder Singh says:

    I use ‘Adblock’ and ‘Blackmart market’ . Why should i buy android app ?

  11. Kashyap Chhatbar says:

    Majority of the developers are from Europe or United States and they are
    priced at average of $3 or 2 pounds (UK). In the developing countries that
    is a lot of money. Take example of UK, a beer in a bar/restaurant costs
    about 3-4 pounds and a coffee is also about the same. Thus, you pay half of
    a coffee or a beer to buy an app. In developing countries, for that same
    amount of money, you can buy 3-4 meals. Now, consider whether you will buy
    an app if you spend 9 pounds or $15?

  12. SpongeBloggers says:

    No one pays because android is open-source, which means you can use the
    blackmarket or 4shared without root/jailbreak…

  13. LosEagle says:

    Windows is definitely not hard for users. Anyone can understand it. Thats
    why its that popular and thats one of the reasons why it deserves to be top
    operating system.

  14. coisasnatv says:

    Why I don’t buy apps for Android anymore? Support sucks! Developers blame
    the phone, the user, never his software. This is my very first smartphone
    and Android experience (Xperia ZQ), I’ve never had a iPhone by the way. Why
    pay for software if you can’t have any support for it? Not to say that the
    price we pay for Apps here we can have a full meal. So far, Android and
    apps to me is a very bad experience.

  15. ThyFonz says:

    i dont think these stats show the fact that google allows almost any stupid
    app in their market… MOST OF THEM USELESS….. and for that reason people
    do not see any profit

  16. 2andFoh says:

    I believe its the lack of knowledge by the average consumer of what these
    new Android phones can really do. New users don’t think about Titanium
    backup, busybox and the like

  17. John S says:

    Its a shame that Google is pushing Android Studio as the future of Android
    programming yet there is little Android Studio specific information out

  18. ZOnikJJ says:

    Thanks Jayce for all the vidoes. They are truly insightful and helpful. I’m
    looking forward to the next one especially.

  19. RecoilTheDancer says:

    Is there a java based os? “Or was that symbian lol” but no seriously id
    love to develop for that “java only” os if it does exist mircosoft has a
    touch based operating system based on windows7 and silverlight for the
    pixel sense table computers those apps gain serious revenue

  20. Nour Eldin Ali says:

    I used to install apps that are cracked. But Since I found some apps that
    are really worth the money, I started buying apps. To me, I think Android
    Apps are great, but for the iOS, numbers and quality are much better. I
    believe this is the price that we will have to pay for having multiple
    vendors. I got a device from vendor A with android X installed on it, and
    then a device from vendor B with the same OS and similar hardware, apps
    behave differently. Apps work best on top of the line devices

  21. Dante1282 says:

    or the fact that google isnt acepting paypal as of now.

  22. WestFiasco says:

    The most major problem is availability of paid apps to all regions, in my
    country we have access to only free apps in the playstore. To actually view
    paid applications is not an easy feat for the average user, some people
    actually assume the free apps are all that’s in the playstore.

  23. arttu6t says:

    Apparently they used iPads in the second java video ad. *cough* not Android

  24. piotralex5 says:

    True story :<

  25. Unkenwid says:

    Touch Responsiveness in mostly Android device is suck,compare with Apple
    device,that is bad first impression which important to rich persons who
    ready to purchase your stuff But I use Xperia Z cause iPhone is too
    expensive for that small ~4 inches display.

  26. legogunguy001 says:

    When I create a new app, eclipse automatically creates a xml file called
    fragment_filename.xml as well as the xml file shown in the video that is
    called activity_filename.xml. I was wondering if anyone know why this is
    happening and how to change it.

    One other question… Again when I first make the app, there is a file
    outside of the main project folder called appcompat_v7. I noticed that this
    file was not in the video so I was wondering what it is for and if it is

    Thanks for the help!

  27. Styles P'yall says:

    Thanks Derek.

  28. Gleeson9 says:

    I’m getting this error: ” Error: String types not allowed (at ‘inputType’
    with value ‘nubmerDecimal’).” which totally makes sense to me, but I don’t
    know how do deal with it? You don’t seem to be having a problem either.

  29. Roberto Fabrizi says:

    Hello +Derek Banas , here am I again. I think that I followed this tutorial
    to the letter, but I noticed something. For simplicity take the app before
    the slider was added. In the updateTipAndFinalBill method you do a:
    double tipAmount = Double.parseDouble(tipAmountET.getText().toString());
    which should result in a NumberFormatException: Invalid double: “” since
    the tipAmountET wasn’t initialized to any value yet. Clearly if in
    the @+id/tipEditText you specify the starting @string/tip_edit_text as the
    Text, it seems that all is fine (even with the added SeekBar). Did I
    oversee something? Cheers!

  30. DXroomram says:

    Every time I try to run it (after fixing the fragment error) I get the
    application popping out and when I try to change something, the application
    crashed. I am using android 4.3 on a Galaxy S3.

  31. Sinthujan Pakkiyarajah says:

    Thanks Derek. the effort you put on to make this tutorial is really
    appreciable. Thank you so much

  32. Abed Ghaffer says:

    Hello Derek, Thank you for your tutorials, they are very good! But I have a
    problem with this one. I retyped all your codes and .xml stuff and have no
    errors given before running the app. When I run the app on my emulator, it
    says: Unfortunately, “AppName” has stopped. How can I help this? It also
    happened to your first tutorial named “MyFirstApp”, I did the same thing as
    you did but still the app doesn’t start up. Can you help me out with this?

  33. Vatslav Orlov says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was following you parallel on another screen.
    Ended up having errors/crashing when entering a number into the text-box. I
    downloaded your code and over-wrote mine. Now I have a “Problem” of “Unable
    to resolve target ‘android 17′ – location Unknown. Any idea what this

  34. invinciblekd says:

    Hi Derek, When I run this, I am getting missingformatwidthexception :(

  35. TalonRochefort says:

    Can you explain the line “super.onSaveInstanceState(outState);” on line 144
    for the .java?

  36. Адриян Станчев says:

    I started learning Android about a week ago and I was searching for good
    tutorials. I`ve gone through a lot of videos and the tutorials on the
    android developer site(they are quite confusing for novice android
    programmers0 but, by far, these are the best. Cheat Sheets, explaining
    everything thoroughly. Keep it up! Thanks a lot! :)

  37. chiclezs2 says:

    Wow dude, I like your videos, you’re amazing!

  38. laxusJL says:

    My app crashes for some reason. Firstly I thought I wrote something wrong
    but then I copied your code, any ideas?

    Any way, great tut thanks a lot! :)

  39. sreekumar menon says:

    +Derek Banas – Thanks for the wonderful android series-

    Quick question- Any reason why you declared tipAmount and finalBill vars
    again inside updateTipAndFinalBill() method,since it was already declared
    at the class level ?

    double tipAmount = Double.parseDouble( tipAmountET.getText().toString());
    double finalBill = billBeforeTip + (billBeforeTip * tipAmount) ;
    tipAmount = Double.parseDouble( tipAmountET.getText().toString());
    finalBill = billBeforeTip + (billBeforeTip * tipAmount) ;

    (and yes, I watched till the end :) )

  40. Jesse Chen says:

    derek, is it good practice to put everything in the file?
    It gets really crowded.

    (in this case file)

  41. Björn Karlsson says:

    @Kyle Clarke: In my eclipse the Auto coded watcher had a Arg0 parameter
    instead of the ‘s’, maybe this can be a hint to solve the error?

  42. Marc Gwein Santos says:

    Great tutorial Derek! Keep it up and more power to you…
    I just have one problem. I hope you could help me with this. I made sure I
    followed everything right from the above video. But whenever I run the
    program and try to change any, a message pops up and says “Unfortunately,
    CrazyTipCalc has stopped working”

  43. Reagan Middlebrook says:

    Hi! I got this to run in my emulator, but for some reason all the
    components are doubled. There are two of every textview, edittext and the
    seekbar, but only one set seems to be linked together (where if I enter a
    bill amount it updates the total bill). Any suggestions for how to track
    down the source of this?

  44. Anand Gupta says:

    Hi Derek,

    First of all “KUDOS” for this awesome series. I could have never thought
    that android programming would attract my fancy but thanks to your
    lectures! AWESOME!

    I built the same app but without the seek bar functionality. Now when I am
    trying to run my code while opening the app and trying to delete the ‘0.0’
    value (which is by default) in the EditText field of the Bill through the
    inbuilt keyboard to give it a new value , the app crashes saying
    “CrazyTipCalc” app is not responding.

    I compared your code (minus the seek bar functionality) and it seems to be

    Can you please help me with this ?

  45. Ariel Glencer says:

    Hey Derek, you’re explaining things good but way too fast……

  46. ell grzmen says:

    i get the messege “the application has stoped unexpectdly please try again
    ” is something wrong with my virtual device?

  47. Soumya Mukhopadhyay says:

    Getting NPE with EditText components ,Please help

  48. Ibrahim Radwan says:

    If someone (Like me have patience ) these tutorials are awesome for them

  49. Kyle Clark says:

    Hi- I double checked my code with yours but for some reason I keep getting
    this error: “Error:(73, 56) cannot find symbol variable s” (referring to
    billBeforeTip = Double.parseDouble(s.toString);) and I was wondering if you
    could point me in the right direction because I can’t seem to figure out
    why. Thanks!

  50. Jeffrey Paula says:

    Hi, I am wondering. Why can I only change the tip by the seek bar? I was
    wondering if I can change the tip by entering the exact amount as well? Is
    this possible with the seek bar? Or do I have to delete the seek bar? When
    I enter the tip amount by typing, the calculation does not work, but the
    calculation will work by using the seek bar to change the tip

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