The web design software “Dreamweaver”…can you create just about any commercial website with that?

Question by Dan: The web design software “Dreamweaver”…can you create just about any commercial website with that?
Is there anyone who has used this software that found it hard to create certain areas of web pages (ie membership signup areas)

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Answer by Nigel A
It can create any kind of site you want. It’s not a website creator- it a tool used to create websites.

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4 Responses to “The web design software “Dreamweaver”…can you create just about any commercial website with that?”
  1. David D says:

    No harder then any other tool. The important thing is to avoid doing all but the most trivial stuff (e.g. generating paragraphs and basic links) in the Design view and to stick with the Code view for all serious work.

    It’s very expensive though, so I’d generally stick with Komodo Edit (or buy Komodo IDE).

  2. just "JR" says:

    Use DW if you want to “design” your pages (the layouts, the images).
    AFTER, scrap DW and start coding: DW generates an extremely rubbish code that is unmaintainable (unless in DW).
    It does not cater for all web engines, nor resolutions: you HAVE to do it yourself.
    And, once you want interactivity, DW will let you down. You will have spent months learning DW, and find yourself incapable of programming any single line of code.
    You can learn to program properly in as little (or long) as it takes you to learn DW…

    Now, you said the magic word: “Commercial”.
    Commercial means “serious”, “professional”, “business”.
    Unfortunately, websites designed with DW are instantaneously spotted by any savvy professional.
    Guess what: I will NEVER trust any business with a website made with DW… and leave.

    Leave DW sites for blogs (even that would be hard!) or oldish static sites that no-one visits.

    The web has changed tremendously in the last few years. You enjoyed King Kong in B/W in the 60’s: that was GREAT!
    You saw the remake, using HUGE amounts of technology, and enjoyed as well. Then you saw the old version: you laughed at it! Pueril, outdated, “crap”, “How could we accept THAT???”
    Same for the web: visitors do NOT tolerate half-measures.
    YA is a very complex website (well: “application”). It never (really) failed. Nevertheless, just look at the number of complaints!
    The web is NOT for amateurs anymore.
    Static Websites that you could get for 200$ now cost 5000$ .
    Sign of times…

  3. Angela says:

    Yes. Dreamweaver is a great tool in designing just any website whether it is a commercial or personal or whatever. It’s not easy to use and requires a lot of practice and training.

  4. mike says:

    DW is hard to learn. Yes you can connect to a database and create membership logins but that isn’t web designing that is programming and requires some other skills to accomplish that.

    DW doesn’t really produce useless code unless you are unfamiliar with the software and hit wrong keys and can’t understand code to delete which some people on here. Otherwise if you know html any tool shouldn’t be a problem.

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