When ” Human Embryonic ‘Development ” was first known by man?

Question by Abdulhaq: When ” Human Embryonic ‘Development ” was first known by man?

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Answer by monavyas15
In 1914 by Franklin P. Mall

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2 Responses to “When ” Human Embryonic ‘Development ” was first known by man?”
  1. Skepticized says:

    Answers are there in Internet encyclopedia… but I hope you are not trying to suggest that its written in Quran.

  2. doobydo says:

    This answer is according to the Quran – I copied it off the website which is listed in the source.

    “Aristotle, the founder of the science of embryology, realized that chick embryos developed in stages from his studies of hen’s eggs in the fourth century B.C., he did not give any details about these stages. As far as it is known from the history of embryology, little was known about the staging and classification of human embryos until the twentieth century. For this reason, the descriptions of the human embryo in the Quran cannot be based on scientific knowledge in the seventh century. The only reasonable conclusion is: these descriptions were revealed to Muhammad from God. He could not have known such details because he was an illiterate man with absolutely no scientific training.”

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