Will “The Solomon Key” provide real insight into Masonic symbolism, or just tell us what they want us to think

Question by PAUL: Will “The Solomon Key” provide real insight into Masonic symbolism, or just tell us what they want us to think
If the Freemasons are a branch of the world’s ruling elite and they have a “master plan,” whether it is in the best interest of everyone else or not, wouldn’t they prefer to remain as a secret society?

Say that this organization was tied to the most powerful organization in the world; imagine a system similar to that in the book 1984 where only the news and information that they choose is that which is released, and everything else is destroyed or altered.

“History is written by the winners,” it is said, which is interchangeable with “History is written by those who hold the most power.”

Enter Dan Brown, who claims to be someone who will provide us with the answers these questions that people are beginning to ask about Freemasons, Illuminati, and Skull and Bones.

If the nature of these organizations is indeed a secret and it is in their best interest to keep it that way, then they wouldn’t want someone revealing their secrets, would they?
You would think that such a group has power that is at LEAST equal to that of an organized crime gang like the Mafia, so they wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone, especially if they are above the law.

So then who is Dan Brown? Merely an agent of these organizations, sent to give us an idea of what we SHOULD THINK about these symbols and organizations?

If he was really telling us the truth, wouldn’t his life be in danger?

This question is posted to Mythology and Folklore because it deals with something that many would regard as “Conspiracy Theory.” But I think it is far more ignorant and dangerous to believe that everything we’re told is the truth.
god of thunder, I was about to post a disclaimer asking people to refrain from answering if they felt this was nothing more than inane conspiracy theorist drivel, but I had hoped that people would use their better judgment and it appears you have not.

Okay, so if you’re a Freemason then what degree are you? I hardly doubt you’re deep enough in it to know what the hell I’m talking about.
Then what rank/level/degree are you?

You haven’t even backed up your argument as to why my question is stupid. You only called it stupid and said you were a mason. That’s hardly credible enough to be a legitimate argument.

Best answer:

Answer by god of thunder
Well I have absolutely no hopeof you believing this, but everything you just wrote is garbage. none of it’s true. I’m a Freemason, so i ought to know. but like i said, you get a kick out of having your little conspiracy theories, so go ahead and believe what you want. haha you are probably wondering if the msons knew you were going to post this question, and that’s why i answered so fast. ridiculous

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7 Responses to “Will “The Solomon Key” provide real insight into Masonic symbolism, or just tell us what they want us to think”
  1. joswan l says:


  2. mirko says:

    well… i mean it looks more like a statement. and these are not new topics.

    they have a master plan alright, but it’s not flawless – no plan is.
    as for secret societies, most lodges claim themselves as ‘the highest’, ‘the most secret’ and all, but that does not keep them from inviting the media when allowing new members.
    not to mention those members can be some of the creepiest people – but they most often are rich and involved in politics etc.

    the greatest plan of keeping stuff secret is proven to be spreading truths and lies in such a mixture no one will ever know what to believe. but it surely keeps people’s minds occupied, wouldn’t you say? and the ‘planners’ have time to take care of their own businesses.

    as for dan brown – i don’t know much, but enough not to like him. and i believe he admitted his crappy novels are pure fiction (see the mixture above: a small amount of facts and lots of aberrations).

    and yes – those people’s moral is not to be tested.

    [edit:] to ‘cl_freemason’
    forgive me – i failed to mention i wasn’t talking about the coffee-masons who gather for ridiculous ceremonies or just for a glass of brandy. be happy if you’re that kind of ‘freemason’.
    i was referring to the franz bardon’s ‘friends’ kind of masons.

  3. mastercheddaar says:

    Every class has a secret society were only members are allowed. I doubt that the free masons are out to kill off the population in the name of whatever they do. Tho I don’t doubt that there are organizations out there that probably do rule the world, there really is nothing we can do to stop them.

  4. jplatt39 says:

    I am not a mason. Nor are my brothers. My younger brother and I who grew up at the end of the sixties are into conspiracy theories. Our Dad is a freemason. We’ve heard those stories. We’ve both discussed them casually with other freemasons. I’ve gotten gales of laughter by reading some of them to masons. That’s not my brother’s style but I have been told by one he is also very funny.

    Put it to you this way. Osama bin Laden thinks the Freemasons rule the world as part of whatever his name for the International Zionist Conspiracy is. He also thinks the Lions Club is either allied with or a front for the Freemasons, and wants anyone who would join either killed as an enemy of Islam. Dan Brown is an, actually somewhat cynical novelist. If you want to believe what either says, don’t.

    PS. As for history being written by the victors, the “historian” (actually polemicist) who lived closest to King Arthur’s time was St. Gildas. His On the Ruin of Britain only mentions arthur once, in a comparison, though he does discuss the Battle of Badon Hill, which was reportedly Arthur’s finest hour. A biographer living a very few centuries later, says that Gildas’s brother was killed in a battle against Arthur and his troops. Any way you look at it, St. Gildas is read as history today and Arthur is also in the history books, so which man was the victor?

  5. cl_freemason says:

    You should remember that Brown writes FICTION… there will likely be some facts and a lot of things that resemble facts, but this is not a historical text and does not claim to be.

    To some other points you raise:
    * Freemasonry is NOT a branch of the world’s ruling elite, if there is a “master plan” freemasonry is not involved with it…
    * Freemasonry is NOT a secret society
    * “say that”… so you want to base speculation on top of speculation and somehow arrive at fact? it doesn’t work that way.
    * The Bavarian Illuminati has not existed for over 200 years, and neither it nor the Skull and Bones have any relation to Freemasonry

    to some other points raised
    * there are not many 33rd degree masons; “god of thunder” (taking him on his word that he is one) would be a solid authority on freemasonry – but keep in mind no one person nor one group speaks for all of freemasonry; but his response is good

    * mirko — who are “they” and what is their “master plan”… you claim it is not perfect so I’m guessing you know what it is… I know of no freemason Lodge that claims itself to be “the highest” or “most secret”, no freemason Lodge would do either… what you state as fact is misinformed rhetoric that is old and tired, and proven false, from the anti-mason machine… I would put the morality of a freemason up against that of anyone else on the planet

  6. Snow Globe says:

    Dan Brown knows he is in a position to make a stack of money and be famous. That is why he writes his books. He knows that people love a mystery, especially when it’s concerning organizations and events close to us. I have grown up in a Masonic family (my dad is a 33 degree Mason), and we often have a good laugh at all the conspiracy theorists and their wild claims about the Freemasons. I have suggested that Freemasons hand out bumper stickers that say “Join the Conspiracy” with the little symbol. If you enjoy all this, I say “Go ahead, have fun!”. But it is very possible that the reason this world-wide conspiracy about the Freemasons and the “Illuminati” has been so hard to uncover is because it is complete fiction!

  7. scabibi says:

    Ex- Freemason second over from the sun wich only means married one kid. It’s all hype none of it means all that much. Just groups of men getting together every week trying to look mystical,when science has covered it all.There are so many old members now in those clubs its senelity in action.

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